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How To Win Over 1,000 Hecklers | American | The Simple Trick To Become A Memory - At Up-Tube.com

How to Win Over 1,000 Hecklers | American The Simple Trick to Become a Memory 1 day ago   13:53

Scam Nation
In Chicago, Illinois, Nate Staniforth sits with mentalist, magician, and public speaker Christopher Carter about strangeness in the universe, not-caring if the audience likes you, and the harsh reality that only so many magicians will be famous.
Nate Staniforth drove across the United States talking to his favorite magicians about all the elements of magic from creation to execution and beyond. Join his expedition in this weekly mini-series, this summer on Scam Nation.

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Comments 28 Comments

Jack Clayton
Best episode yet. Been ignoring the series so I could binge watch it, but I wish I would've been commenting and leaving thumbs up all along because that's what gets you recommended on YouTube and I really think this series needs that. The views don't add up to the community's size and # of people that should be interested or even the thumbs up per views it does have. This is specifically for YT right? Gotta ask for them Subs, Likes and Comments. I understand not doing it, but you are filming just for YT and I'd like more people to know this exists. Either that, or not as many people care as I think should and you've already hit the ceiling. I love it, thanks.
Benjamin Carrico
These episodes are wonderful....and you have improved exponentially at the quality of the production and editing etc. Really enjoyable to watch. Thank you.
I love how each episode is something completely different than the one before.
Murl Harmon
Yet another nugget of gold while we talk about what is magic. What to expect, what to look for and what to learn all super important and needed! I know this series has to end at some point but, I will profess a bit of selfishness in asking that we keep it going for a while. (and I already know what's in the can is in the can but, again mayhaps another journey is in order)
Josh Embrey
6:41 is a beautiful demonstration of how subtle a mentalist acts and how habit forming it can be. The investment then pays when he sits up at 7:48 and it's rewarded with Nate reciprocating the posture at 8:08.

He's good at what he does; he doesn't turn it off well.
Nate, Thank you for doing this show. I love Magic. I love the mechanics of magic. Hence why I watch Scam Nation. It is art. Knowing how the trick is done after being amazed by it, to me is another show of the artistry. Your show goes one step further and talks about the psychology and lifestyle of magic. But really more about the performing lifestyle in general. So, thank you so much! And thanks to Brian for letting me know that you were going to be doing this and airing it.
Ivo Trausch
It's a good point that you should never use stock lines. That being said, the concept of resistance to fire is as old as history itself. As far back as the ancient greek tragedy Medea...
Micah Philson
At least at the beginning, the music is way too loud, you can't hear him speaking and introducing the topic.
Johnathan Koller Magic - The Agent of Enigmas
That was a brilliant episode!
c c c
The King of random has passed away
D.J. Jewton
Best episode yet
Duje Šinković
I am in top 10😅
Erik Johnson
Super legit statement. All it takes is one person with some agenda to end a career that you put most of your life into. Doesn’t require a financial crash. Not a magician. But that is a very wise statement he made.
Bill Burr once performed for a Philly audience that absolutely hated him and kept booing, so he spent the entire remainder of his set absolute tearing them apart. By the end, they were laughing and gave him a standing ovation.
Yeaahj :D
Brakuda Tatabayo
Jon Jason
Jon Jason
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The Simple Trick to Become a Memory How to Win Over 1,000 Hecklers | American 1 day ago   17:21

Match your wits with Brian and the crew to become a memory master! The human memory typically can only hold 7 things at once, but Eric Dittelman has a trick to memorize a long list instantly. This just might be the most useful trick we've had on Scam School.

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