Porsche 911 Turbo S vs Honda-Acura NSX with Audi Q8 vs Range Rover Sport 8 months ago   12:30

Which is the best sub 3 second 0 to 60 mph sports car?

If you had £150,000 (approx $200,00) of your hard earned money to spend on a super sportscar, what would you get?

Tiff Needell and Paul Woodman try out two sub 3 second 0 to 60 mph cars - the mighty Porsche 911 Turbo S and the wizardry Honda NSX (Acura).

Take a trip through the English countryside and spend some time with these two cars and let us know if you think there is a clear outright winner, or if it’s a tough choice to choose one?

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NSX or 911?
Nathan Wood
Pfister Comet SR Vs Dinka Jester
Karim K
2 tham fast P is very strong .
Frank Ly
One has a soul and loved by it’s manufacturer who never stopped making it since it’s inception over 50 years ago. The other is a comeback attempt from a company that has no respect for the car that they killed and buried two decades ago and now put it together in Ohio!?
Would you buy a 911 or a Ferrari put together in Ohio or California or Texas or Indiana!?!
Jesús Villanueva lázaro
The power of dreans el NSX es un icono dentro de los deportivos rival de ferrari .lambo etc soy un enamorado de esta gran marca y propietario de varios honda en cuanto a porche no me gusta ningun modelo aleman viven de rentas y son un quebradero de cabeza todos se lo que digo por mi profesion jamas me comprare un bodrio aleman
The only thing I change about NSX is the front end which looks too much like any other Honda. Also those honeycomb style grills are so awful looking,
NSX. Shoot, I'd even take a C8 over a Porsche.
Momon Touthang
Porsche series has always been my favorite super car..along with Bugatti.😍😘 And NSX is also a nice car.Its exterior design,color,interior design...stunning!
Rodrigo Mejia
criticaban a el NSX parecerse al audi R8 cosa k no tiene nada solo un estilo parecido y ahora elsupra ese si k es un Z4 jajaja
Amadu Majeed
I think the NSX really good.
I think if you are deciding to buy one of these you are; 
1. in a very good position 
2. making a very good choice regardless
Lotus F
911, 911, 911
Christopher Sullivan
Nobody is buying the NSX, regardless of how cool its dash is, etc.. Unlike many here, I don't find it attractive at all. LFA is much better looking to me. 911 all day, every day. Superior car in all ways except in the cost to maintain. 15 years from now it will still look classic, while the NSX will look as bad as some of the old supercars. Old Lambos look bad to me, and new ones don't look much better. We at a point where cars to get much faster all begin to look similar in order to get through the wind.
F23A4 Accord
I’m an Acura guy but I could never hate on the 911 at any trim level
William Connolly
The NSX needs that chrome strip at the front blacking out . i think it totally ruins the look
William Connolly
Porsche is beautiful from all side angles but straight on from the back or front looks dated and boring
Franz Oga
Nsx 😢
Mr C
Sorry but to call the Turbo S “a GT not a sports car” both demeans the performance and belies the reality. This is a car that can give hypercars a run for their money, has a sub-3s 0-62, tracks about as fast as a GT3 and demolishes the Nurburgring. A Bentley, a GTCLusso, a bloody Panamera, it is not. It’s a sports car.
Andre aziz
I gave the 911-turbo a run for the money in my Nissan ,in the side streets
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