New GTR Quarter Panel Is HERE!! And it's Mysterious Hypercars of the $300 Million 2 weeks ago   11:06

B is for Build
In todays episode we go on a mission to retrieve our quarter panel and do some suspension work.
Thanks to Radical Tuning for helping us out with this quarter, you can find them here:

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Fareoh - Cloud Ten

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B is for Build
uhh i guess i messed up the publish time? oh well not taking it down, enjoy guys!
zach wilson
Is it just me or does anyone else think the 2 quarter panel companies are the same one, they just realized that he was about to drag them threw the mud so they next dayed the carbon one?
John Richards
Were you in Disneyland a couple weeks back? I swear I saw you in downtown walking by on our trip over from Australia.
Lee Labor
I'm starting to lose interest in this channel because your not posting as much. It sucks that I'm about to forget to remember that you still have a channel.
Mihnea Vald Bojian
Isn t it a problem if a side is lighter than the opposite side of the car?
Korbin McConnell
I need that Disneyland shirt tho.
What an awesome hookup!
Er Sl
Better to have a gun and not need it then need it and not have it. I didn’t peg you for a sensitive type of guy,but then again...PNW.
Darren parrott
So I love what your doing and your on a buget to get this beast of a car back on the black stuff.
I hope people understand that you are doing this as well as everyday jobs that come into the shop.
Enjoying your rebuild video's subscribed... keep up the great work guys
Robert Wojtow
Just an FYI, border patrol agents are MANDATED to always carry due to the risk they put on their lives daily. Doesn't matter if they are an agent sitting at a desk or not they have set rules to keep themselves and their families lives protected. They receive multiple threats on their lives from others (cartel, terrorists and general crazy people) so before you judge someone carrying because 1. they have to and 2. they do it to protect themselves, maybe you should learn a little before flapping your jaw. And yes I speak from experience, I know plenty of agents personally and have some in my family.
Klinger Bros
You should leave the carbon fiber panel the way it is and just paint the rest of the color. It would be a cool piece.
alejandro martinez
still got THE S2000 CHRIS???!
I usually NEVER subscribe to videos but this is awesome, I had to subscribe :) great job
At this point, carbon panel EVERYTHING
Bill Auldist
Please stop saying ‘peace’ at the end. It’s not original.
Edgar Cuevas
Is it carbon fiber or fiberglass??
Rickz Star
Dude do both sides 👍🏾👍🏾
Five dots Dave
Hey at the start of this video your man here couldn't speak properly, I blame that on beaver fluff. It's not fibreglass it's carbon fibre.....
the car is already stripped down to install one side why not do the other and have it match?
johnnie graham
Of course they need guns, you know drugs are shipped into the country via the mail...your clueless.
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Mysterious Hypercars of the $300 Million New GTR Quarter Panel Is HERE!! And it's 2 weeks ago   11:57

Hope everyone is having a great January 8th!