Trump says US Navy destroyed Iran says it's seized 2 days ago   04:54

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US President Donald Trump says an American warship destroyed an Iranian drone in the Strait of Hormuz on Thursday. Trump accused Iran of "provocative and hostile" action. He said the drone posed a threat to an American naval vessel USS Boxer and was downed after repeated warnings were ignored. Iranian Foreign Minister Zarif told reporters that he had "no information about losing a drone."


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Kathy Rogers
War is coming carrier strike group in the region
Игорь Исаков
Microbritain and the United States are returning to criminal pirate fishing ...
I hope Iran has enough anti-ship missiles to drown NATO squadron ...
In extreme cases, there are large stocks of weapons in warehouses ... since the time of the USSR
علی فرد
its great lie.trupm dream.
Ali ollukkara
Not believeble
It was probably Russia's drone
Ibrahim Ukethwengu kaleb
This is just the beginning , so Iran watch the space, ::::::::::::::; @ viva DONALD TRUMP viva USA
So the USA downs a Drone in international air space or say the did , so that means the Iranians can sink a OIL tanker in International sea way ?
Musa Masih
I Believe President Trump should do whatever he wants to do right away, because he's losing the support of people inside Iran, the leader of Iran is trying to show power, when anytime he has done that the people inside Iran they go right behind him and they become supportive of the leader's action.
adhil musthafa
Maan iran shown the foot print of the ship which proves this news was big lie
حمید هزاره
Ferdaus Sarker
American escalate the situation as double standard. Why they allow nuclear capability for Israel but not allow Iran to acquire it. US has first withdrawned from the international 6 nation contract. Should be termed as a violator of peace & contract to incite & ignite the peaceful situation in the Gulf. Dont trust them, they (the war monger) did the same act against humanity to complain against IRAQ "weapons of mass destruction" which was proved to be false later on.
Arnold Davis
They used.a, half of a million dollar missile to take down a 5000 drone
U DW news outlet, u are showing your colours,not saying the truth. U are all wolves in sheep clothing media.
Ofea Bowen Putra
Trump, US glory is over.

Talking and boasting will not restore US glory
Mehrdad Jalalian
The USA downed their own drone!
its all greek to me Friday
That drone would of been paraded on all the media as if it was a trophy . But it never happened
Qasem Soleimani
It was never shot down, Here's footage from the Iranian drone, it shows it clearly landing back after it's done.
Ipso Facto
Iran says no … who do we believe? … a child rapist and the people who perpetrated 9/11 or Iran, who hasn't attacked anyone in over 200 years? Gee wiz Rocky, that's a tough one.
We The People
All of Iran’s crude oil exports, passes through terminals located in the Persian Gulf: the islands of Kharg, Lavan and Sirri.
Take out those Facilities and Iran is washed up. No reason to Steal anymore Tankers. A few good Terrorists supplied with Demolition equipment could knock out the Facilities.
Or a few well placed missiles could take out all three facilities.
And the EU reduces its Carbon Footprint. CIA is good at this.
Kevin Wellwrought
Americans have shot down their own drone. What a funny mistake!!
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Iran says it's seized Trump says US Navy destroyed 2 days ago   02:53

A British-flagged tanker was seized in the Strait of Hormuz on Friday, according to statements from the ship's owner and the Iranian Revolutionary Guard.…

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