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The Boss: Putin Dazzles Arab | Putin Shocked St. Petersburg Forum - At Up-Tube.com

THE BOSS: Putin Dazzles Arab Putin Shocked St. Petersburg Forum 6 months ago   10:20

Russia Insight
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Russian Energy Week International Forum
Vladimir Putin addressed and attended the plenary session of the second Russian Energy Week Energy Efficiency and Energy Development International Forum.
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Comments 735 Comments

Malike Uzun
Şu kıçı bezli domalan traump u tarihin çöplüğüne gönder lütfen istirham ediyorum başındaki iğrenç ötesi peruguyla beraber
Malike Uzun
Saygılar presedent putin l love you
Malike Uzun
Ortadaki gavat arap kim kasikciyi çiğ çiğ yiyen yam yam suuidi gavati pis arapmi
Athanasios Mastrogiannis
europe is a huge financial bubble
Athanasios Mastrogiannis
we all wish a guerrentied way around from imf
Charlie Horse
Putin is having the time of his life having put Trump (Captain chaos ) in office.
Moonwalker Longing 4 U
What a man Mr. Putin the world is puting it's hope for peace in you Mr. Putin.Salute!!
Bimi Jain
he is humanitarian and intellectual
Matthew 123456
Leo Delaney
Trump should practice the good example and wisdom set by President Putin and that would lessen his troubles in the USA and probably gain him a bit more respect from other world leaders.
Just Me
I agree Putin is an eloquent speaker but at times lacks in humanity. He knows Trump is an ass an has called for military restraint and no nukes
Putin is putting'em in check like a boss!!!
"Espionage is like prostitution" lol
Herman Karsowidjojo
The "terrorism phenomenon"
NO, International Law, Is Defending 'terrorism'. NO, National CONSTITUTION. WE, Must, Start, To Look, beyond, This, 'Global phenomenon'. The POSSIBILITY, THAT, evil nonTerrestrial beings, are, Supporting, or triggering, THIS . Or keeping, It alive .

Darren Walker
What a legend, calm , poised, well spoken and most importantly extremely intelligent
Ryan Watterson
Mr. putin; make sure those people were very bad you know ; now i winston is happy; im so silly; anyway; Oil; look at the conflicts that have resulted militarily; now i do not know how many barrels are in Venezuela i got a feel; its is; more than enough than humans would ever need; before we switch over to solar; now Nicolás Maduro in a good angel way hes leaving soon for the cuban embassy and he will be happy he really will; now oil is a dissecting business because militaries run strongly and it effects currency quit quickly but i think you have first right on it to be honest just for charma and as american citizen i absolutely hate giving it away; now it get nasty like persian gulf war maybe even worse between USA and Russia lets not sugar coat it; now you have dibs so land your your troops; i am going to suggest that we just back off; and negotiate relatively fairly with us
Mohamad Jaffal
U r the boss
Tamian San
Don't worry Mr Putin US politicians, left and right, always unite for war and plunder. Arguing is just diversion for domestic sheep. Domestic sheep also perversely loves wars since they never felt bombs falling on their homes and killing their loved ones. Those Americans who are intelligent( able to see things as they really are) outspoken and have love for God, truth and decency are monitored, censored and prosecuted.
Angel Snowflakes
6:43 ❤️❤️❤️
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Putin Shocked St. Petersburg Forum THE BOSS: Putin Dazzles Arab 6 months ago   19:20

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Things that sometimes with humor, sometimes harshly, said Vladimir Putin today, have already spread to the headlines of the world media. Why does the West sit on our heads and chew bubble gum? Will Russia help break up NATO? Who restricts Germany's sovereignty? All this was said in St. Petersburg. The key event of the International Economic Forum is a plenary session. Participating, in addition to the Russian Leader, are the Prime Minister of India and the President of Moldova. The topic of the discussion is: the main international events, centered on Russia. Reporting, our political correspondent, Pavel Zarubin.

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