THE BOSS: Putin Dazzles Arab Putin Shocked St. Petersburg Forum 8 months ago   10:20

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Russian Energy Week International Forum
Vladimir Putin addressed and attended the plenary session of the second Russian Energy Week Energy Efficiency and Energy Development International Forum.
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Hisham Aboella
GoTo g
Taking care of business
Hariom Tiwari
5:40 to 5:55 ..... nice
Deon Richards
A true statesman , he speaks with authority and shows no sign weakness in the face of the west, yet humble enough to admit to international dialogue being key
darth vader
Witty as fuck
rene lacot
je veut bien vous écouté mais traduire en Français
holly rose
That menance is trying to mimic your body language gov
holly rose
No worries weve re nicked the plans and blue print that norman invented
holly rose
Ie gove i give you 10 trillion and they bud and build ugly trash
holly rose
Yeh offer you a fookun breif case and big city broad minds brought pretty easily
holly rose
Sand n because they are pricing everyone daft and poor
holly rose
Lunar ticket
holly rose
Night time essentials 12 till 6 am gm drink liquids not solids in moonlight
holly rose
Mogwai putin
holly rose
High livers figure trigger they lay out cash turn it digital global currency kremlin
holly rose
Putin has a sense of humour unlike the evil reptiles
holly rose
Bs? 99%hammered, cooking their own goose shitbox
Terry Quelet
Why does Putin favor Trump? Does he hate America?
Sophie Leperrier
C est pas the boss, c est the big boss!!😎👿😗😗😗😗😗
The title is not correct. I coukd
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Putin Shocked St. Petersburg Forum THE BOSS: Putin Dazzles Arab 8 months ago   19:20

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Things that sometimes with humor, sometimes harshly, said Vladimir Putin today, have already spread to the headlines of the world media. Why does the West sit on our heads and chew bubble gum? Will Russia help break up NATO? Who restricts Germany's sovereignty? All this was said in St. Petersburg. The key event of the International Economic Forum is a plenary session. Participating, in addition to the Russian Leader, are the Prime Minister of India and the President of Moldova. The topic of the discussion is: the main international events, centered on Russia. Reporting, our political correspondent, Pavel Zarubin.