Russia celebrates victory over Russia celebrates Victory Day with 2 days ago   03:23

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Russia is marking the 74th anniversary of the Soviet victory over Nazi Germany in World War II. Russians across the country commemorate 'Victory Day', with the biggest celebration by far taking place in Moscow's Red Square today.
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Cuntfayce Macnigger
Russia now knows that Germany was right in WW2, which is why Putin and Trump are spreading racism and violence to the world.
Frank Cruz
Energetic Core
*petition to bring back soviet union*
SiegHeilFuhrer14/88 SS
Now look at the World.
Christopher Andersson
What an idiotic reporter
Ciekawe ilu pedofilów maszerowało jeszcze w tym roku. Ktoś te 500 tys. niemieckich dziewczynek zgwałcił w latach 1944-46.
Shadow Point
A Death German is a Good German.
A. Double
Wouldn't of done it without America...Now these Dogs bite the hands that fed them.
rosemberg ferreira bahia
Viva a Russia
Os vencedores
Os verdadeiros vingadores
A russia
Vencru o deus de bolsonaro:
O nazismo
White Skorpion
I wish those soviet bastards would've died.
Emmanuel Ubaha
Germany should pay war reparation to Russia for the millions of Russians (and others from ussr)who died in the 2nd world war.
Kevin J.
65 fascists disliked this...
They rather should thank the Russian Winter 😁

Greets from Germany
...und mit ein bisschen Glück hätte der Führer eine genau solche oder eine noch schönere Militärparade in Berlin, Moskau, oder gar in New York mit seiner Ansprache begrüßen können...
I bet that worries DW the most today.
alex voroni
How Russian government can celebrate it now? When in Russia they have a national wide tragedy. Air plane with passengers was burned to the ground. So many people died.
So, I read a few comments and it's amazing how ppl stil have common sense. You liw to them, you were given the licence From the Rus, But look at you: you blatantly lie while standing on the same place, where ppl bleed to death. What kind of ppl are you?! I'm glad that ppl see through you. Your reporter shamelessly lie to your audience, But ppl still see you're a deceiver.
vikas beniwal
Long live Russia.
Lets honor the biggest rapist army known to man HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORAYYY what a joke!
Chris Powell wide 😀
United Satanic of America will fall because of Great Russia.
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Russia celebrates Victory Day with Russia celebrates victory over 2 days ago   02:17

Russia is marking the Soviet Union's victory over Nazi Germany in World War Two seventy two years go.

President Vladimir Putin has attended a large military parade in Moscow.

Victory Day is still one of the most important holidays in the country.

Al Jazeera's Stefanie Dekker reports from Moscow.

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