Most Deadly EAGLES Attacks 10 Amazing Dangerous Biggest Excavator 4 months ago   08:36

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This clip features some of the most deadly Eagles, Hawks and Raptors in the world including Golden Eagle attacks Goat, Hawk vs Rattlesnake, Fish Eagle vs Fish, Peregrine Falcon vs Pigeon, Harpy eagle Hunts Monkey, Red tailed Hawk vs Squirrel, Golden eagle chases a rabbit, osprey dive bombs on a fish and other incredible raptors and eagle attack moments. Enjoy!

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Chetana Gholap
I am wondering how this all footage have been taken .🙄
Means where ,when and most important how??🤔
The shooter timing is so so so proper in all footage .🕛
I just loved it 🙋‍♀️ 🦅🦅🦅🦅🦅🦅
Afshan Adil
Steph tt
Dear Eagle
Please do not prey on pigeons or an adult goat that still has small children,
I almost cry when you eat them

But I am happy when you prey on poisonous snakes
قناة[النسر] قناة[النسر]
مين بيحب النسر❤
has anyone noticed that the backround song is the song that they used for flood escape from roblox😂😂😂
Pawan Kamble
Very nice
Ingrid Maria
Woww.. awesome moment, awesome this video.👍👍👍👍👍..thx a lot.
Eagle is king of the bird.
Love 💟it.
Melissa Mitchell
Most definitely a top predator
Barrienicole Nicole
Nice 1. .nigga eagle
syam sankar
Super bgm
Dayjaaa .Mayaa
Rip Fox 1 Like=1 Prayer for the Fox
Yesenia Rivera Torres
Fantastic footage. Thank you
عادل البراج
Very nice good
Lanre Amoo
It's sad that one animal has to suffer pain and die just for the other to feed.
Champa islam Modhu
Omg 🙄🙄🙄🙄
3am Natural
Stefan Panayotov
Try with the bear to see whats happening...
Online Me
Ankush Warade
Sea sagle vs Sea snake
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10 Amazing Dangerous Biggest Excavator Most Deadly EAGLES Attacks 4 months ago   15:11

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