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Taking Neon Portraits With | Pro Vs. Amateur Photographer - At Up-Tube.com

TAKING NEON PORTRAITS WITH Pro vs. Amateur Photographer 2 days ago   07:55

Jessica Kobeissi
Sponsored by Canon. Shop the Canon EOS RP now: http://bit.ly/2IfbOw1
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Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/canonusa/?hl=en
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YOUTUBE: https://www.youtube.com/user/CanonNorthAmerica/videos

Comments 143 Comments

thank you for inspiring me not to buy this camera
Audrey Lohkamp
Fantastic video! I absolutly enjoy it. Continue this way and have a look at mine if you feel like it. =)
How are theses photos so good, in such low light?
Anthony PC
What can ya say, she likes boxes!

I too lived in boxes through my childhood (voluntarily - we weren't homeless) and many informative experiences of mine involved cardboard boxes, and styrofoam packing as well.
so you're certainly not alone.
Carlos Olivero
Where we can see the photos you took with the EOS RP during this session!?
Rin Faith
Can someone pleaseee tell me where that neon light is from?
Joey Hoogendoorn
Time for Canon to release some budget RF lenses, especially wide angle and some nice primes. I would be interested.
John Leftwich
Are you going to get the R or RP?
Where did you get the neon light ?
Doug Smith
I was a bit disappointed in that I was looking to see an actual photoshoot with neon lighting. It did give me a bit of an idea for future shoots but when I see neon portraits wanted to see neon. Also, I think it would have been nice if your title conveyed the that this was actually a demo for the EOS RP.
Xena Zano
Definitely went down the steps in a box... have a scar on my knee... proceeded to go again until I almost went through the wall o.o
Mimi H
Jessica, I heart you!
Estelle mithra
Where did you get the led light?
Digital Nomad Girl
Those shots turned out sooooo well!
Rezy Ramos
Those are not neon lights, those are LEDs. A natural light photographer won't know that tho. 😂
Gabriel To
Can i use with EF-S lens or sigma lens with the adaptor
They can't pay me to buy this thing. That battery is junk and there's no battery grip as far as I know and I'm 100% who they're targeting with this thing because I want to upgrade to FF. But I'm not going to upgrade to FF and get fewer features than I already have with my 77D.
I'd love to see you do a photoshoot with that camera.
The 70-300 box was empty... for the record!!! (Don't Lie)
Johnny Souza
Yeah but the dynamic range on that camera is kinda wack ☹️
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Pro vs. Amateur Photographer TAKING NEON PORTRAITS WITH 2 days ago   09:02

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