Norway: 'Freedom of navigation is for all' James Phillips: U.S. Sanctions 4 months ago   01:05

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Iranian foreign minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said Tehran is committed to respecting the rule of law commenting on the recent seizure and release of its oil tanker in Gibraltar. Zarif was speaking at a joint news conference with Norwegian foreign minister Ine Eriksen Soreide in Oslo on Thursday as he is touring Scandinavia.

"Just like international law, freedom of navigation needs to be observed by all and for all. It cannot be a pick-and-choose area. You cannot have freedom of navigation in the Strait of Hormuz and not have freedom of navigation in the Strait of Gibraltar. You need to have freedom of navigation everywhere and freedom of navigation for everybody," said Zarif.

Earlier this week Iran warned the US against any attempts to seize the tanker Grace 1 which changed its name to Adrian Darya-1 and left Gibraltar's waters on Sunday.

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Al Maut
I really agree with this, deep words for me "Freedom navigations for all" . I understand this.
Steve Soltysiak
Actually the Air is for All. So Vlad Putin needs to stop contaminating it with radiation. He’s no longer sickening his own citizens long term, it’s All of Europe and beyond
Emma von
Iran is always true
fafar gol
The British piracy on Iran's oil tanker in Gibraltar ,.suspicious dangerous act of turning off the AIS system on Brit's oil tanker  through the Persian Gulf .brings up the subject , who is fanning the flame and raising the escalation in the region ?
Nettle Boyss Sunvanbeen
Freedom of navigation is a hoax fake which Trump will not allow you to come to his backyard.
Terry Bromley
Terry F Bromley, Please leave Iran alone;
Mohammad Azardi
Long live IRAN 🇮🇷
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James Phillips: U.S. Sanctions Norway: 'Freedom of navigation is for all' 4 months ago   02:25

James Phillips joined Sky News, Monday, August 19, to talk about the latest from Iran, the release of the Iranian tanker which had been carrying oil in violation of E.U. sanctions, and the effectiveness of U.S. sanctions in limiting Iran's ability to fund its nefarious ventures.