Solar Energy , Electricity Free 22 EASY STATIONERY HACKS THAT 4 months ago   10:56

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Hello everyone! This is video I want to show you about Solar Energy , Electricity Free Energy Generator With Light Bulb Using DC Motor. All of us hope you'll like our video clip concerning " Info Yourself" here, and don't forget to subscribe to our YouTube Channel.

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Brian Bowles
serious question from a noob: why not just hook the light bulb directly to the solar cell?
prity ranjit singh
Where are you the solar panels
المهندس/سامح الصلوي الصلوي
كهربا تولد كهربا مينفعش ايش الفايده
المهندس/سامح الصلوي الصلوي
ايش صنعت طيب الخلاصه الجديد
Mavilla Karthik
It couldn't flying bro
Tirthdas Kachhela
ठीक नहीं लगा
Ajay Soragi
Did you buy this solar panel please tell the comments
Rabisankar Mohanta
Fri energy banane ke liye thanks
Đặng Hữu Tùng
كاظم الواسطي
Aslam Ali
Amir Ebrahimi
bullshit. why there is always an indian trying to convince people about free energy!!!!
Shivam rao Amil Rao
Ya free energy hai pagal bana raha hai.Es to accha hai tu solar panal sa ha bulb jala laa.
virendra singh
Giving proof that you don't know about physics law of conservation of energy.
Mirza Ashfaq Baig mirza
Badva chutiya banara
Carolina Cortes Montealegre
hello, can you please give us the list of materials?
Sasmita Panda
nail kitina bada ha
Nehal Kewat
Sale nasa me pugjayega
Pardeep Pardeep
झूठ ye sab
Rahul Alone
Very good
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22 EASY STATIONERY HACKS THAT Solar Energy , Electricity Free 4 months ago   09:24


You should totally check out these awesome marker hacks!First of all, I'm gonna show you how to erase permanent marker from anything! I mean literally, any surface: ceramics, bathroom tiles, whiteboard, countertop, wood, clothes, room carpet using plain toothpaste, nail polish remover, lemon juice, baking soda or alcohol for that matter.

I'll also share with you some pretty easy-to-make ideas for an emergency candle, rainbow, multicolored marker, blacklight, stylish galaxy sneakers, mug prints and awesome clock organizer and Velcro hack. Let's have some fun!

This time I'll show you how to make awesome no-mess pencil sharpener, Tic tac scotch cutter and so many helpful hacks!

And last but not least, let's braid your hair with a pencil!
Yep, you read that right, a pencil. Keeping a pencil in the hair while braiding helps to anchor the strands, as well as give them that elegant, looped shape.

Here’s how you can do the genius technique on your own, all in under 5 minutes…

Start with the basics
Tie your hair up into a high pony tail, making sure that your strands are smooth, frizz-free, and ready to be braided.

Add that pencil
Carefully stick a pencil behind the inner layer of hair so that it sits parallel with the band on the outside of the pony tail.

Start braiding
Grasp onto the ends of your locks, and separate them into three equal sections. From there, simply make a basic braid (the classic over-under using three sections).

Remove that pencil
Once you are finished braiding, secure the end with a hair band, then move your hands so that they sit at the crown of your head.

From there, you can finally remove that pencil by simply pulling it out horizontally by its eraser. You should then be met with some seriously beautiful loops surrounding the original basic braid.

Secure it tight
At this point, you can either choose to leave your hair as it is, or you can tuck the leftover strands in by using a couple of bobby pins. Personally, I prefer the latter, but don’t worry, this extra step is super easy to complete!

Just take the pins and attach one at the base of your original pony tail and one right underneath the very end of the braid.

Believe it or not, this is a look that can be done completely solo and, as I mentioned, in under 5 minutes flat!

To see the absolutely gorgeous end result of this ribbon braid method, be sure to watch the full video. Who knew a pencil could do so much? ; )

What do you think about this hair braiding hack? Have you ever tried this technique before? How do you achieve perfect ribbon braids? Tell me all about your thoughts and experiences in the comments section below!


1:13 Dull blades solution
2:22 Pen compass
4:10 Amazing pencil braid in 5 minutes
5:10 Using pencil shavings

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