10 Football Mistakes that Made How to Build Amazing Football Table 1 year ago   03:33

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Barun Majumder
When you know that Benzema only scores on mistakes
Tom Edwards
these did not make me sad
Mabro T
Did that balloon dor for Zidane ?
Nathan Johndeere
2:53 iniesta shows how you are offside
YaBoiKian 777
Everyone was so sad I’m sure.

*The cool kids* boi u thought
Joachim Osmundsen
Some of these makes me happy
Harald Holm
Poor Ghana

all I can say
Donna D
The first one you said France loose the finals instead of lose
Nobody makes a mistake
Benzema Scores. Xd
Aaron Wilson
Who all felt sad when Messi cried
In soccer, it seems like the goalies just jump out of the way..
Ghana 🤧
The Predator
1:08 lol messi fanboys be like

“rOnAldo OnlY sCoReS pEnAltIeS”
Wheres ronaldo when u need him

U needed penaldo
Deep Sarkar
Gerard's slip doesn't make me sad .... we hate the other side of the red
reem sawah
but we all do mistakes and we learn from them were human
Ill always miss casillas the best goal keeper 😭😭
I've only clicked on this to tell you that your title is bullshit.
arsam mardani
Richard Barendregt
Real is so bad only with mistakes the win
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How to Build Amazing Football Table 10 Football Mistakes that Made 1 year ago   04:44

How to Build Amazing Football Table Game for 2 Players

In today's video I show you how easy and fast build amazing fifa 2018 football table game for 2 players. It works on magnets. Everyone will love this football game, especially kids and football fans! Don't wait, build your own exciting football table game for all family and friends.

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