Lawrence Cole Worst Boxing When Boxers ATTACK Referees!! 2 days ago   06:30

Some clips showing the incompetence of referee Lawrence Cole. And those are just the ones I could find footage of. There are more.

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liquid snakes love child
Bullshit video
The dude who reffed the Tommy Morrison/Ray Mercer fight was pretty shitty too with his stoppage. I don’t remember his name but he was also involved in another equally as brutal KO that went about 5 punches haymakers too long.
sam29 R
Lol. I knowforget bout it
Nadaur Navitad
Fuck u cole! U mfcking niggah-fearing niggah-favoring piece of shit! Is that ur idea of job security by fearing and favoring the dominant species niggah?
chacha dejose
The worst ever... Just use his father's influence to become a referry
This cock sucker was the hitman in loma vs solido and never corrected the veterans tactics as in low blows to make it a fair fight.....Coles dad is corrupt as well.....Fuck Texas boxing commission, They need a Rico investigation..If Loma would of had 1 more minute in the 12th it would have been epic justice to see salido a welter weight that night get knocked the fuck out because Loma figured out the set up...
dan ruth
That was pretty bad.
Hernz Co
If i am the boxer i will punch him to deat!
barabing barabung
Levi Arabelo
A referee so corrupt...
Prime German
Stupid asshole ref favoring the favorites
paul baker
Fucking shocking
tee yeoung73
its so damn referre . remember ? pacquiao barerras fight?? manny counting him even if it is not a knockdown ,its only a slip . dn barerra down clearly coming from the punch of manny ,not counting . asshole refferre . fuck off
Jaime Franco
You're high as fuck whoever made this video. Chavez was killing Manfredo. And I'm not a Chavez fan.
Takingout thetrash
Ban this fag
lester mount
I am not sure he is the worst ever, maybe just in recent history like the last 50 years
Mickey Blues
Ugh. It's essential that people who use text in their videos can spell correctly. It's not hard. The vid loses all credibility and comes off as amateurish because of it.
That Ref trying to make them BIG dollar bills.
Michael Dennis
Tell me this fucker never was allowed to referee again
Fernan Sengson
he is no good referee....he is sucks...thumbs down to you coleman
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When Boxers ATTACK Referees!! Lawrence Cole Worst Boxing 2 days ago   05:08

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