Here's Why the 1990s Mazda RX-7 The Genesis G90 Is a $75,000 Hyundai Luxury 1 year ago   16:32

Doug DeMuro


The 1990s Mazda RX-7 "FD" is rapidly becoming valuable. I'm reviewing this 1994 Mazda RX-7 R2 to see why the FD RX-7 is becoming so expensive -- and to find out why the 1990s Mazda RX-7 is such a good investment.



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B D Cid
55 Doug really! You should watch Ignition Episode 31 or Petrolicious episode Rotory Spirit so you can see that the score for this kind of sports car for the early 90's and last model in my book is between 67 & 77 in comparison with today's tech cars, but if we we're in every one of those years it would rate 100 in my book since I own one and never loses it's fun, appeal & timeless/ageless wonder. "Spinning dorito!" Spinning triangle rotor!! Geez Doug!!! (Research)
P.S stop blaming the cars for your height, even a polar bear could fit in almost all cars! Lol
Jonny McDobbsy
John Hughes
Got my parents hand me down (1973 Mazda rx 2). It was 7 years old and handled poorly in the corners due to suspension issues, the person I sold it to wrecked it because of that ( also they were stupid, bad driver and most likely drunk). Stop light to stop light racing against big block cars was particularly enjoyable since they thought it was a crap box import but with a high redline rotary I embarrased many seventies and late sixties cars.
Justin Talley
The button for the headlights going up is for if it snows. Then you’re lights will freeze in the up position Incase u need to use them instead of frozen shut.
Cam Bryan
Anyone else think this car should have had lambo or gullwing doors?
묘청의 서경천도복숭아
That logo looks like a vergina
youngling slayer66
Mazda rx8 next?
Kimberly Lazarski
Reasons for the headlight-up switch:
* Allow you to clean or service them without draining battery
* Keep them raised for icy/snowy weather
* possible use: flash-to-pass signaling

C4 ZR-1 had a quirk I took advantage of for flash-to-pass; putting the headlights on, then backing the switch to marker lights only would leave the headlights up, then I could toggle the headlight switch on and off for flash-to-pass, which is a sorely needed native feature absent from that car. (the alternative is to just put the markers on and toggle the fog lights on and off but those were less noticeable than the highs)
j freed
Praises it as a Great 90s sports car...

Gives 4 points for a "practicality" because it only has two seats
j freed
Maybe the "headlights up" button is to tell the car to leave the headlights up all the time, which might actually be smart and winter if they're covered with ice and snow. Opposite of automatic mode. But I don't know.
j freed
I love these mid-1990s Japanese cars, and you're right this one looks great. Now those damn rotary engine seals…
Jatin Sidhu
It’s getting expensive because doug said it is
Mazda one of the greatest auto makers today and forever
Where are the FC bois
50k to look like a ricer.
Kemal Keza
because people are greedy pigs and the market is controlled by arseholes, all these top 90s cars will soon pass their actual value they use to be from day 1, there needs to be a law on this.
Joe Howerton
I loved this thing in yellow for some reason.
Petter I
Beatifull car, my fav part is the door handles
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The Genesis G90 Is a $75,000 Hyundai Luxury Here's Why the 1990s Mazda RX-7 1 year ago   27:28


The Genesis G90 is a full-size luxury sedan from Hyundai’s new Genesis brand. The Genesis G90 is basically a $75,000 Hyundai — so today I’m reviewing the 2017 Genesis G90 to show you what you get when you spend $75,000 on a Genesis.

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