18 Super Mario Maker 2 Experiments How To Design Good Mario Maker 3 months ago   05:51

We test the limits of Super Mario Maker 2 with 18 experiments to see what all you can or can't do with the level creator! We test things involving the Koopa Troopa Car, Thwomps, parachutes, time limits, clear pipes, & tons more!

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Gino Riff
4:09 bOoM. BoOm
5ive Polska
The timer WILL be disabled in Super Mario Maker 3 and it will be accepted to 999
How far can a horizontal level be built in the 3-D aesthetic?
Undertale Boy
The majority of these are nopes lol making the game look bad lol
Leo Callo
2:15 Yes, if the ends are stuck together.
Est-ce que les power-UPS marteaux peuvent casser les blocs ON/OFF ?
Can we upload more than 32 stages? I wanted to buy the game and make a series of levels with a storyline and I can't do it with just 32😣
Konr Rezende
1:23 yes with a glitch
Taimoor Ahmad
4:04 technically it did change so yep not nope
Taimoor Ahmad
2:21 I think he or she meant the edges of two clear pipes touching
Why is Mario copying Godot in the thumbnail??
GEEKFOREVER (Pixel Gaming/Sur La Toile Ce Soir)
The thumbnail is a lie.
Mick Kelley
Can you put Meowser on a track? And is there a Meowser Jr.?
Matthew Linares
It sucks that smm2 does not have those features.
XTL maker
You can disable the timer if you enter a door at the same time u get a power up then instantly take damage
Okay yeah everyone's talking about how everything was "nope" but like how about the fact that the experiment in the fucking thumbnail of the video isn't even tested
Mickey Cherry
What happens when have a super star and touch a rotten mushroom?
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How To Design Good Mario Maker 18 Super Mario Maker 2 Experiments 3 months ago   09:50

Super Mario Maker has arrived, but players' level design could use some work. Here's some tips and tricks to help design good Mario stages!

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Also, thanks to HeavyEyed for helping me with the thumbnail!

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