Bosnia and Herzegovina: an ethnically divided Uncle Hitler (Hitler's Family 4 months ago   25:59

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Ethnic divides still exist in some neighborhoods in Bosnia and Herzegovina. In a school in Travnik, a fence separates Muslim and Croat pupils.
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Amela is a Muslim. She went to school in Travnik and grew up with this ethnic segregation. Bosnia’s constitutional court declared the "two schools under one roof policy" unconstitutional in 2012. But this policy is still practiced in everyday life, even though nobody calls it that anymore. It’s not just in schools that the distance between the ethnic groups is visible. The parents also foster ethnic segregation from their neighbors. It’s always been this way - Amela will of course marry a Muslim.

The country is home to Bosnian Muslims, Bosnian Croats and Bosnian Serbs. They say they live together but on closer inspection they just live side by side. Very few would accept a spouse from a different ethnic group.

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Uncle Hitler (Hitler's Family Bosnia and Herzegovina: an ethnically divided 4 months ago   51:11

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Uncle Hitler introduces us to the descendants, family members, acquaintances and employees of Adolf Hitler. The documentary focuses on exploring the unknown story of Hitler's family and the dramatic fates of those related to the most hated man in history.

It also explores the genetic history of Eva Braun to determine if Hitler and his wife had any Jewish ancestries, and it establishes the claims that Hitler’s relatives hold to his remaining assets. The film introduces Hitler's living relatives including cousins in Austria, grand-nephews in Germany and New York and his in-laws, including Eva Braun's close cousin, her two sisters and the fates of their respective families and heritage.

Betrayal, murder, conspiracy, physical deformity, incestuous love and robbery are all part of the ongoing tale of the exceptionally dysfunctional Hitler family.

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