8 Mods You Should Do To Your Car First Top 5 Mods for Maximum HP and Torque 4 months ago   03:15

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If you’ve just got yourself a car then you’re probably already thinking about what mods to get started with! But before you bolt on an eBay turbo kit, here are the mods you should do to your car first!
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Comments 1880 Comments

My Cars modified with its fresh service yo!
Ajay Salaria
FWD mods video please
MSi GS70 6QE
yeah car price is 2000 and all repairs 10.000 .. then should've buy new car really ..
Sebastien L.
I've never gone out of my way to say this but this was terrible advice.😒
I reckon your first mods should be making your car more solid, and feel better like stiffer engine mounts, short shift, lsd, suspension, buckets, etc
Aydin H
who else didnt expect to see collin furze near the end lol
Nexus Hexus
Changing fluid and tires is NOT a mod.
I want to modify a car for road comfort, not pissing contests.
Alan McCormick
My first mod would be getting it breathing properly like a decent exhaust system.
Harry Cunth
speed holes.. makes it go faster! hjs
Amjath Khan
You forgot the stickers!
Anna Hinly
Why is the great god colinfurze in your outro, (im better, Lol)
Frogman 4
People really consider basic service and tires a mod ?
joseph delacruz
Forgot to say tune car,better intake , strut bars..etc
Boys 5683
This all cost a bunch of money that maybe others dont have suck my dick hoe
Robin Wakker
1st. Servicing your car is NOT a modification.
2nd. rims and wheels, suggesting that bigger and wider is better because more grip doesnt make sense if your lemon does NOT have any power to put that down anyways, just a ways of spending money and look like a darn ricer anyways.
3rd. take out extra weight showing you take out the carpets and rear seat. wow, what a super mod.
4th. change out suspension with expensive coil overs
5th. replace your brakes, suddenly suggesting your car is faster, accelerates better and corners like its on rails, now you should get bigger brakepads and replace your stock brake lines, which apparently are crap anyways as they bulge *sigh, really*
6th. Fit an LSD, as suddenly you would know all about that 1 wheel spinning..........djeez.....
7th. Change the interior, ehmm......what interior? we just threw it all out remember? to save weight or something?
8th. Power up, finally suggesting to do whatever to your engine like getting a turbo and save money by getting your own hands dirty........

So kids, if you get a car, make sure it has been serviced, has no interior so you can apply these 6 MODS to YOUR CAR.
Mathias the Raccoon
Ps: love the outro w/ colin fuze!
Dave Gee
Best mod is to keep the car original and fix everything broke back to original and maintain everything not broke, that way insurance companies like it and give you lower quotes and resale value remains at its maximum. Mods equal money pit.
I have Nissan Sunny 1.4 motor 1990 model n13. 184k km and its rusty every corner and motor is lazy and not working well.
Does this work with a scooter?
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Top 5 Mods for Maximum HP and Torque 8 Mods You Should Do To Your Car First 4 months ago   09:20

In this video I'll go over the top 5 mods you should do first in order to gain maximum HP and Torque from your engine. These mods will make your car faster while spending the least money relative to other mods. We'll go over the benefit of a CAI, Upgrading your Intercoolers, Catback exhaust, high flow catalytic converters, high performance camshafts, port and polish, and tuning your cars ecu or ecm for maximum power output.

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