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Alabama Passes Law Banning Abortion | Pro-Choice And Anti-Abortion: Both Sides - At Up-Tube.com

Alabama passes law banning abortion Pro-Choice and Anti-Abortion: Both Sides 1 day ago   04:30

DW News
Lawmakers in the US state of Alabama have approved the country's toughest abortion law. The state senate voted 25 to six to outlaw abortion at any stage of pregnancy, even if that pregnancy was the result of incest or rape. The law also stipulates that doctors who perform abortions could potentially be sent to prison for life. Outside the legislature, women's groups protested the bill. It will now go to the state governor for her approval. The minority Democrats denounced the law, but the majority Republicans supported it. And they say they want the abortion bill to end up in the US Supreme Court so that it will rule on whether abortion is legal.
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Comments 785 Comments

Isaac j
It's almost as if killing a baby is wrong..
Elizabeth Spain
So.. the doctor goes to jail longer than the rapist.... good job America, congratulations
Mara K.
Ann Sophiarobb
Blessings of Liberty
WWJD? If Jesus were a woman who found herself pregnant after having been raped, what would Jesus do?
Christian Pittman
Am I crazy or is this news source actually not that biased
One thing that may come of this .It will be easier to convict a rapist through DNA tests and to prove incest......is rape and incest against the law in alabama ?
Nick Bauer
Those silly women look so ridiculous in those costumes! No wonder no one takes them seriously! :)
Leave Alabama alone, what has Alabama ever done to you, states rights are people's rights.
John Hintergardt
I give up.
Nicholas Fuller
White babies are dying too much that’s why they did it
tik too and me
Hey at least orgeon gives, out free abortions
Professional Biologist
Life Begins at conception Because Development begins at conception. No exceptions to the rule. Rape or Incest ITS STILL A HUMAN BEING.
Angela C
Women dont mind the Government being in their personal lives when it comes to rail roading men, so they should not have a problem with this.
Alec Stanton
"Abortion is a constitutional right". So was slavery.
Alma Ramos
Without us female how can that state get money by the men lol those men will move out just to find a woman to bring back
Alma Ramos
I say if you don't like it then move away from that state and show them who has move power them or us
Pat Bateman
I think it's pretty damn simple, wear a rubber or take birth control. If you choose to ignore doing both then it's the risk you take for both men and women when engaging in sexual activities. The only two exceptions is if a woman was raped against her will or if serious health complications for the mother can occur. Other than that, you pretty much have a choice so be a responsible adult and make the right decisions for yourself and others. That baby doesn't have a choice, you do!
ron kirk50
Again, the U.S.is on the wrong side of history! All the other modern nation states that value individual freedom allow women to control their own bodies. At a time in Earth's history when the human population threatens to overwhelm the planet we shouldn't be trying to restrict a women's right to have fewer children. Rapes happen and birth control is not 100% effective. Abortion has to be an allowable option for family planning. Even with abortion bans, abortions will still happen in the shadows and with great risks to a women's health. No one seems to remember the bad old days when women died from "back alley" abortions.
Lions of Israel
white population is dying out....that is what these law changes is all about
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Pro-Choice and Anti-Abortion: Both Sides Alabama passes law banning abortion 1 day ago   31:10

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