GODZILLA HIDE or SNITCH TO WIN *NEW* Using the FLYING GLITCH... (Epic 2 weeks ago   22:37

Today in Fortnite Creative we do Hide and snitch on a godzille map in Fortnite battle Royale
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Luke McDaniel
God I hate this guy
Eli Mart
SSundee has ruined his Chanel. SSundee relies only on edits and fortnite. At least before he played other games. Like if you miss the old SSundee
Zak Flynn
roses are red

violets are blue

i miss the old videos

that dont include the term *NEW*
I subbed to FCT 😜
Samuel Miranda
wing cloud
great map sub to splad
Erik Herrera
Yo wit is up with the views so many
Fortnite Highlight Reel
bro this is fire 🚒🚒🚒🚒🚒🚒🚒 but ur editing is dooky
Aya Hassan
Play Friday 13 it is creepy
Gus Eydallin
Ssundee can you pls do more games with fans
flip kid 88
Check out my youtube FLIP KID88
the three headed monster you saw in the beginning, his name was King Ghidorah
Do a lucky block fortnite guns fight
Awesome Gameplays
Please, revisit totally accurate battle simulator!
Andrew Forys
1:00 Hey! Splad owes me a hug!
(Like if you noticed.)
Kekoa Warrior
Do you know if I can join your discord if I’m on mobile
mark treadway
Can i play a match with you guys it would really make me so happy
Tressel Leach
Sub is funny
WaVe Chaos
Like if cobble stone is better then dirt
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Using the FLYING GLITCH... (Epic GODZILLA HIDE or SNITCH TO WIN *NEW* 2 weeks ago   19:24

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