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Woman’S Dna Test Revealed A Shocking | Myheritage Dna Featured On The Steve Harvey - At Up-Tube.com

Woman’s DNA Test Revealed A Shocking MyHeritage DNA Featured on the Steve Harvey 5 months ago   09:51

When Catherine St. Clair’s four older siblings gifted her an at-home DNA test in 2016, she discovered the man who raised her was not her biological father. St. Clair joins Megyn Kelly TODAY to share her story and how she founded a support group, the NPE Friends Fellowship, for others in similar situations.
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Woman’s DNA Test Revealed A Shocking Family Secret | Megyn Kelly TODAY

Comments 2638 Comments

Carmen Green
If I was adopted, or born ‘under’ a circumstance ... and I had great parents... why to bother to know ‘who impregnated ‘ my mother??? Let’s be grateful! God bless you!
I find it amazing that our local medical offices can’t find records a few years back but soooooo many years of DNA records saved for this long????? AMAZING.. Don’t fall for it.
Aleksandra Bissani
what a story, most of the children are raised in mixed parent' families. Surprise!!!
vivi Hutson
“BLONDE” with brown eyes? Get a dna! YOU HAVE BLACK IN YOU
Lena taylor
Meagan's asking "Why the need for a support group" is a REALLY stupid question. EVERYONE deserves to know his/her genetic and medical background. ANYONE who found out that one of his parents had an affair that resulted in a child (especially if he or she IS that child) DESERVES to know the truth!
any man can be a father, but it takes a REAL MAN to be a daddy.
In the photo of the three half sisters I see strong similarities with the eyes and mouths.
Iamme Notyou
Megyn Kelly's face is so uneven
Ken Call
Had mine done and found out that Tesla's my 1st cousin. Couldn't figure out why l am always fixing things I know nothing about but always get it accomplished. Guess Im Blessed.
Ah Jodie
People could not be so open then, and even now, women get killed for having natural feelings about other men besides their own husbands. I think it is all good.
oswald rendon-herrero
Catherine, please check out if your dad is a Chimera (i.e. a person possessing two sets of DNA).
B Clark
Before the invention of birth control. this happened a lot, we are only finding out about it now with the DNA testing.
Ryan Ayton
Be glad you had a father figure... Oh poor you... A lot of people had no male father figure in their life. Focus on the wrong things in life!
Virginia Easterling
I'm watching from my camper ho.e In Clanton Alabama with my 2 dogs
Bighorn44 None
Every man should have every so called child of his DNA tested. A Fred Fox line in his show went "momma's baby papas maybe" He should emmediatly sue her and the other him if he had been parently defrauded.
Ian Whiteley
Yeah your mums a cheat whats new for yank women
#Free to
Very poignant ... Majority of the info is best found in a male relative. I have a friend who discovered his dad was not his dad after a simple blood type test done in school biology. Changed their family dynamic forever. He was only a young teenager and bore the guilt of being that messenger into adulthood. Your information came to you in a way that was perhaps for the best. G-d in His wisdom knows what each of us are able to bear 💓
Mark Pittman
Wow! Praise God she had the strength to respond the way she did! Thank God that there is a place now where so many people can get the validation that they so dearly need!
Rafael Villegas
Im was orphan...everybody'..made mistakes...its a blessing to had a parentes...family of your own...so pity that people that had parents they taken for granted...please adore you parents...take care of them...respect them..take them in you love...cherish they legacy....
Chi Chi
And Dad most definitely didn’t know his wife had a fling!
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MyHeritage DNA Featured on the Steve Harvey Woman’s DNA Test Revealed A Shocking 5 months ago   06:30

Thanks to MyHeritage DNA, one of Steve Harvey’s friends, his personal stylist WIll Phoenix, learned a lot about his past — including the story behind his last name!


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