Asher Angel - "One Thought Machine Gun Kelly, Yungblud & Travis 2 months ago   03:30

Asher Angel
Asher Angel - "One Thought Away" ft. Wiz Khalifa (Official Video)
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Asher Angel
How we feeling?
shaniqua jones
you guys are soo cute
shaniqua jones
omg i love this video
iiiamkaye .S
Made me sob 😖😭I love you guys together stay strong
Alyne Silva
fifi alyazidi
The best song ever💕i loveeee it so much💝please come to Yemen we lovee you so much Asher,💞
Rodrika Walker
Okay I see you🤔💯 You got real good talent keep up the good work Ash
Ted _ Xxxx
Cutest couple ever no one can can ever beat you guys 😀
ghania amin
when ever I listen to this idk why what is say is Jonah! Jonah ! Jonah!😭😜 wish there was a s 4 of andi mack🙏😁😋😭
Alana McAllister
Wiz is my cousin in marriage and it’s not a lie
Teegan Gillani
I've got mixed emotions about this song and I think u and peyton were a better couple than u and Annie x
I love this song for whole my life...
Heidi Greenway
Is it just me or does YouTubers all they’re song sound the same?
Alyssa Gentner
Literally he can do everything he’s so talented he can act, sing & dance plus Annie and Asher are literally the perfect couple ever🧡🧡
Ayla Wafi
They r for sure getting married
Paulina Zatarain
Porfavor que Annie y Asher no sean novios
Fiona Mbeketcha
it actually good him and annie are cute
Sharkie Cockburn
In wiz khalifa's rap he was talking about a vacation on the beach... and right now asher and annie are on a trip in mexico
Amy Stahl
The question is is Asher as nice to Hayley as Hayden is🤔
Kady Castor
I’m not crying YOUR CRYING
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Machine Gun Kelly, Yungblud & Travis Asher Angel - "One Thought 2 months ago   02:51

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