SML Movie: The Pantry! My Top 5 SML Animations! 6 months ago   21:25

Bowser Junior and Cody get stuck in the pantry!
Video idea by fan: dragonese pt

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Unmalicious Games
This how words they 👇🏻
troy anderson
at4fly 2
he said the weekend then two. it's 7 days
Earle Taylor
Just move the broom with somthing in there😂😂😂😂😂😂
f More
Logan also graves mario by his dik
Yan You
random person
i cant tell if im color blind or that milk was actually blue
Nalee Times!
Nalee Times!
sara garringer
If I was stuck in a pantry I would eat the food in it because we always have peanut butter, crackers, and cereal.
Mc SwaggerSouls
first of all i go to young guardian and ppl can survive 3 days without and 30 days without eating that's 1 month without eating but 3 days without water so there's some info
Jan 16 is my bday wtf
scizzor cut
Junior is actually right there isn’t actual milk inside a coconut it’s just juice that looks and tastes like milk
ALEC cannon
wopei eggeu
Selina Cruz
How can joesph afford a phone!?!?!? He’s poor

1 like= one dollar for joesph
Jasaiah Mejia
Smash and bros smash hahahahaha
7309 Blue
Moral of the story: Keep a can opener, water, and something to open a coconut in a pantry. Also don't leave a broom next to the pantry door.
Erick prera
1 like = Cody stops being gay
U don’t need a can opener for beeferoni
The Fam vlogs
How does Joseph have a phone when he’s poor Kinda
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My Top 5 SML Animations! SML Movie: The Pantry! 6 months ago   08:38

Here are my top 5 SML Animations !