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German Serial Killer Nurse | Dw News Livestream | Latest News - At Up-Tube.com

German serial killer nurse DW News Livestream | Latest news 3 months ago   07:08

DW News
A German court has sentenced one of the world's most prolific serial killers to life in prison. Former hospital nurse Niels Högel has been found guilty of killing at least 85 patients who were in his care. Prosecutors said he deliberately induced cardiac arrest in patients so he could then resuscitate them and impress his colleagues. But many of Högel's interventions failed, and patients died. Högel had already been serving a life sentence for two previous murder convictions from his killing spree, which is believed to have lasted from 2000 until 2005.
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Comments 125 Comments

S j
14 resuscitations and 5 deaths in ONE weekend on ONE ward..... that is absolutely unheard of. People knew and did nothing to stop him.
Chris W
SOME PARTS of the U.S This Guy would fry , He wouldn't last .IN Germany he'll be cooking his own meals , He'll be in a medium security loony bin , he'll have great times with activity, sport, Music and the best mental health treatment probably in Germany ,He'll probably get a wage from the state as well LoL
Kay Nicole
He is a narcissist
but his ears like ears of a ufc fighter
He deserve to die also
Y**** M
what a sick piece of S**T. He should be electrocuted
Howard Campbell-Downes
Identical MO to killer-nurses in US where an "angel of rescue" also injected patients with insulin then arriving just-in-time to save said patient.
I don't believe that no one noticed sooner or weren't suspicious. Good grief, 14 resuscitations in one weekend this psychopath was on duty.
I'm not a violent person but I'd pay to watch this dude get publicly executed
Пьетро Ротари
Angel of death 💉
Anuj Sharma
Why he can't be hanged right now ? instead of life sentence... I think unfair consideration for killing 85 people..!!
Kyota Tsushima
Killing 85 people and still life in prison sounds like unfair. But in reality he is also an unlucky person who couldn't have a decent personality in his life. People just get emotional and lynch such criminals selfishly and make our life more difficult. We have to be more smart.
Falken Vir
They knew and only had him transferred...
Jack Shite
More late term abortions? No doubt an atheist and a lefty
Pinky Bobby
He is having a V, I, P treatment in prison
Ms Bungan
Y doctors clinics etc didnt do anything! They knew but didnt do anything im so angry n upset for all the victims family. He deserves the life sentence.
Andrew Love
RealestJokeintheDumpster !
His right ear shaped like a fortune cookie ☻
Birgitta Birgersdatter
Shame his victims didn't also get a life sentence.
Denny Hiu
100 deaths??? Really no one dares to report him?
How is possible defend again this evil in court so incredible.
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