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Living On Campus At Ucla | The World's Top 10 Universities - At Up-Tube.com

Living on Campus at UCLA The World's Top 10 Universities 10 months ago   03:32

UCLA's thriving residential community, The Hill, is like a small city within itself. More than 90% of freshmen live there.

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Martin De Los Santos
i have no idea why I'm watching these videos at 2 am and I have midterms soon, I already go to school here and I live in Holly lol
Alikhan Yergaliyev
is there any opportunity for couples with kids?
Asiya Muse
Brooo I’m 13 and it’s my dream schooolllllll❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Paris PC
No one plays with the indian guy
José Contreras
I start next month at UCLA
I'm 15 years old ,i'm international students, UCLA was my dream school :( ,
how can i get full scholarships to study in ucla :( ? hmm.. :(
I went there for a field trip today 🤗
Esra Borg
I want to go there in less then 2years but it's a bit expensive so let's save up !
S448 s
Do i have to pay for the food?
S448 s
I want to be an exchange student in this school
katherine ahlf
UCLA is my dream college 💕💕
It’s also exciting because from what i saw, you can skateboard on campus. is that true??
(if that’s a dumb question i apologize, i’m in high school and skateboarding is definitely not allowed)
Stephanie Mtz
good for you simon my depression ruined me now im old and cant redo my 16 years of living
Canela Rason
is that the guy from wild n out?
I would like that my son go there but we are in Colombia, i want that his dreams come true
lil gee
is all of the food free?
UCLA is a beautiful and racist institution
Martin Kim
so much better than the caltech vids
♕ lil baby prin ♕
I’m a freshman in highschool and I’ve wanted to go to UCLA since 6th grade, its either here or Berklee!!
William Shinn
My dream college may be Alabama but I'm slowly be turned to UCLA.
Esther A.
I'm from Italy and i would love to attend this school.
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The World's Top 10 Universities Living on Campus at UCLA 10 months ago   02:55

The World's Top 10 Universities. Source: QS World University Rankings

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