DEFECTIVE monitor still wins We Built the CHEAPEST PC on Amazon! 1 day ago   16:03

This is the LG Ultragear 34GK950F gaming monitor

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DEFECTIVE monitor still wins my heart


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Are you and Paul actually friends, or is it like an Adam and Jamie from Mythbusters sort of relationship? (btw, you'd be Adam Savage)
Try swapping the cable.
Caleb Evans
Who won the giveaway?
Who else looked sideways at the start of the video.
Can't buy this monitor because it's out of stock in Europe.
Sypher Ti
I don't trust those 'g-sync capable' freesync screens.
I'm pretty happy with my AW3418DW, it was expensive but it support real G-sync and it works really well at 120Hz (OC).
Joe Baker
The newest Windows update was having issues with certain monitors. FYI.
Hyptonic Promotions
uploaded right on my birthday oooof quality content
No HDR > HDR Brighter ain't better.
Is there any specific cord or plug in you need to use the 144hz feature on a monitor? Just asking, because I'm switching to pc soon
Karma. You shilled for that company, you and two other well known youtube tech guys. I commented on it when you did it too. What goes around comes around folks.
nice shirt! Steve would be proud
jayden blunt
Hey bitwit ik you won’t see this but I’m new to gaming PCs and I want to build my first rig with a budget of 750 I would personally pay you some money to help me build one. I’k your busy but if you can please respond.

Ps. Great video
Alpha Machina
LG's "HDR" on their gaming panels is pretty terrible. My LG ultrawide has horrible "HDR" I think I'm gonna stay away from LG on my next one. Pretty ridiculous they send a defective display to a reviewer..
Johnny Fire
its lg its suppose to have QC problem lg sucks. now stop the rediculus promotion godddd
shortydob productions
to be able to enable v sync on nvidia you have to have the monitor plugged into display port into the 1st port and v sync extended has to be turned on
Lord Ba'al
I wish people would say if the manufacture sent it to them for free.
There's a big difference between getting something for free, and paying for it yourself.
This is literally every fucking "high end" monitor I swear to god. LG is generally at the top of the chart for QC in my books too. I've managed to buy two LG monitors and neither of them were defective, but so many high end monitor reviews are LITTERED with all manner of issues, dead pixels, flickering, weird artefacts etc. etc.

LG Panel/LG Monitor seems to be the most reliable combo, but there's no guarantee that another manufacturer would hold the same QC standards for LG panels that LG does...
Lan Majcen
A week ago i was about to buy it used for cheap but it got sold 2 days b4 :( -with g sync and 240hz
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We Built the CHEAPEST PC on Amazon! DEFECTIVE monitor still wins 1 day ago   17:55

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