How to Draw a Glass of Water Drawing, shading and blending a minimalistic 4 months ago   06:38

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In this art video I show you one way to draw a realistic glass of water from observation.

Some tips for you to consider: Draw a loose line drawing first; start looking for tonal shapes from the middle of your drawing; draw on pale grey paper, use a 4B pencil; draw what you see, rather than what you think is there; add highlights at the end.

Art materials used: 4B Pencil, Dove Grey Paper, Soft Pastel (White), Eraser.

I hope you like and share this art video and I hope you have a go too!

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Hi, my name is Tom McPherson and I founded Circle Line Art School as an online art education resource for all. My aim is to inspire people to learn to draw and be more creative. I believe drawing is a wonderful way to appreciate the visual world and become more observant and creative.

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How to Draw a Glass of Water

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I want to be an artist like you
You are a great artist sir
5minitescraft Drawing
Arts Media
I'm really great fan of you.
What a creativity
Joe Omonghibo
Govind Sahu
Nice & Amazing video...
sucheng zhu
Nice work! Charcoal pencils are recommended to be used for shadow. And again, great work.

Thank you,
kaiteki ART
I like its sparkling part.
Kitz Mawniuh
It's magic
خاطره مختاری
Robin Mywi-art
This is the best part of art 🙏🏽🇫🇷
lalkripa krishna
its like beautiful
Ask power
Wow nice video
Ilhaan Goonah
wow.... amazing...???!!!?
Orlando Ferraz
Very much; beautiful work
Looks like. This is fabulous
Muhammed Ashif
amazing work
wai pui cheng
I like it
Muhammed abdullatif
well done.
Allan Cristyan
Muito realista
sachin lad
To good
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Drawing, shading and blending a minimalistic How to Draw a Glass of Water 4 months ago   17:37

Drawing a minimalistic face with graphite pencils. (Ashley Moore) Watch my other videos too!

Bristol smooth paper:
Faber-Castell graphite pencils:
CretaColor black pencil:
Eraser Pencil 7056:
Kneaded eraser:
White acrylic marker:
Blending stumps:
Soft tissue

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