State of the Union 2019 May Be Over CNN At This Hour 2/6/2019 | CNN BREAKING 6 months ago   09:23

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While the State of the Union address left some people snoozing, Democrats are all hands on deck ahead of the 2020 elections as presidential frontrunners keep up their hustle and prospective candidates tease runs of their own.

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G Kizer
Cory is coming in Stronger than originally thought. This candidate has inside expectations for real structure that has lapsed in America's fiber of our government and he's actually fixing and calling out those Senators and Congresspersons that are responsible. He's said to be a workaholic but maybe that's what it's going to take to get AMERICANS back to business and not being distracted by divided struggles of racism. United we're stronger, powerful. That sounds like a safe nights sleep for my family. 👍🙋😴
G Kizer
Oh ,yes she meant trump is going down in flames 😤😠👏👏👏 👋BYE BITCH
Malgax The Great
Nancy throwin SHADE
Boom Island is a brewing company 😂😂😂
Putin's dating tips had me in tears!
Johannes S
1:50 he says "it was the best speech my father ever given *tonight* "
Art Mercines
I support the President when he said that USA will never be a Socialist government that's great. I support him about his opposition to late term abortion that's great too. Simply because it does make sense. Congratulations to President Donald Trump!
Jasmin Patel
Trevor is so hilarious and gorgeous!
Jasmin Patel
Vote for Corey Booker everyone!
KC William
It will be replaced by "baa"
mounika kulkarni
Bae will be replaced by bi bim bap? You mean the Korean food item? Cos man, they are tasty! And nutritious!
Tibari Khadraui
Always end with the beginning
Abduselam Ahmed
I should take putin's advice 😉😉😂
Sandy Hagey
I like #Yang!
joy lee
I wish that I could have an tongue like you
Kevin Skipper
😂😭😂😭😂😭😂😭Every single time I see this video!!!💀
Corey Clooney.
Jessa Rose
Even if Warren did this with ill intent, at least she has the balls to own it and apologize for it...
Then we have Donald Trump...who won't even apologize for talking about grabbing women by the pussy or spending 85k on an add to give the death penalty to a group of 14-15 year old boys who ended up being wrongfully convicted and given a 41 million dollar settlement because of this and Trump just goes "sorry not sorry, they're guilty!" As if that is fuckinf appropriate or okay even if they WERE GUILTY
Jessa Rose
Oh my God I want that picture of Pelosi clapping like that so much to hang on my wall
New Horizon Mission Outreach, Inc.
American Indian...…
The most clever and intelligent writers and the best presenter......Gandalf Trump😂😂.......single president putting clothes off the sofa
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