TimesTalks | Jodie Foster and Rosemarie Jodie Foster Talks New Film 1 day ago   1:07:21


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kusum nagar
Jodie is amazing
ioanna rizou
σιγα θα σου φυγει κανας ποντος απ τηνν ζαρτιερα
Yuji Tsuzuki
I was counting how many times she said you know what I mean! Great interview!!!!
That is what happens In a watershed moment. It’s painful. It’s a part of the process.
Rose T
Just finished watching Jodie’s directing episode of Black Mirror and it was so well done. Hope to see her hand in many more projects as I’ve enjoyed all of her other directing work. Love hearing this interesting interview.
I love Trump, people need to believe in the President and that he wants to do good things for America. Trump is wrangling with the evil establishment that's currently virtue signaling to groups they think are leftist. Pizzagate is real.
L Beatrice Batz
'...raise our voice an octave'. I get that.
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