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Bruno Gomes

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Donny se suicidou, por isso usaram sua música com a sasha, estranhamente a letra da música fala para sermos firmes que incógnita !
Joyce Christina
CashDi oficial
Roger Lima
Sasha R.I.P
Mercia Maria
Linda música
Jason Henrique
Tá faltando música boa assim hoje em dia, obrigado pela tradução.
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Roberta Flack / Donny Hathaway Donny Hathaway/ Someday We'll 1 day ago   02:47

Studio version, lyrics, pics.
Copyright © 1972 Atlantic

Where is the love
You said you'd give to me
soon as you were free
will it ever be
Where is the love?
You told me that you didn't love him,
and you were gonna say goodbye
but if you really didn't mean it,
why did you have to lie?
Where is the love,
you said was mine all mine, till the end of time
was it just a lie
where is the love
If you had had a sudden change of heart
I wish that you would tell me so
don't leave me hangin on the promises
you've got to let me know
Oh how I wish I never met you
I guess it must have been my fate
to fall in love with someone else's love
all I can do is wait
(that's all I can do)
yeah yeah yeah