Five Myths About 5G, Debunked Trump says he wants 5G in the U.S. 2 days ago   05:00

Wall Street Journal
There are a lot of myths about what the fifth generation of wireless connectivity can and can't do. WSJ's Spencer Macnaughton debunks five common 5G myths. Photo composite: Heather Seidel

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The age of automation cometh....But maybe your situation will be different....I bet your employer figures out a way to stay competitive without replacing one staff member.....That's so amazing, I'm so happy for you!
The rest of us can at least be thankful we now stream videos so fast that we can finally watch them at 5X the speed! (Because 4G LTE streaming of HD videos that play immediately on your phone in real-time is way too slow!)
Punith G
This video should be renamed as "Promoting 5G even though we know it's not safe" I think many would agree with me.

Why is there no mention about the dangerous radiation that comes along with adopting 5G technology.

Everyone knows it is not safe to use for both humans and other living beings, especially birds.

In complete information is as good as wrong information so please try to cover the whole topic, if you can't then please 🤐 zip it up.
Mark Metzler
There exist thousands of 'peer-reviewed, scientific studies' demonstrating harm from EMF radiation. You can find these studies, yourself....if you know how to do a 'Google Search'. (Start with 'EMF, cancer' using 'Google Scholar'). Here is a handy resource:
jean themilitaryhistorianbrony
I just came here to see all the dumb conspiracy retards in the comments.
Tin foil hats will Trend at the end of 2019🤪
john bolton
is the robot AUTONOMOUS?
if not, then WHY is it a robot?

if it is autonomous, that itself means Its independent. No network is needed.
why would you want a robot to be Network dependent?
Same goes for cars.

5G is all hype.
let Huawei run with it.

Augmented Reality or VR is the only application
When 5g drops, we should all cancel our phone plans as a protest against the cancer caused by 5g.
5G is a weaponized spectrum. The U.S. military's (Navy's) L-RAD sonic weapon uses 5G frequencies. With 5G waves, they can sting you, they can cook you, and they can kill you...
Mainstream journo = fake news
These questions were least of importance..
Jimmy Z
Can you see? Nobody talks about 5G health risk anymore, because that is a stupid joke by American who just want to demonize Huawei, and fool the public by saying so.
Allen Lichner
So this is going to give millions cancer. then it will cost trillions to treat cancer. all so your oven can communicate with your TV, This is wonderful
luci78 Cozma
Guys we are daily bombarded by radio waves A bit of extra won’t kill us all. For the seek of the technology. This so call cancer producer won’t be more than the current real air pollution we have ! So stay calm. USA announce 5 G plans. But china use it at alege scald already the speed Its there i try it.

Tout Dernier
Well.. and what myth did you debunk?
All your "coffee robot" and surgery robots do their work already on ethernet wires and even wifi. Latency times are concern over greater distances and several "hops". Most of machines you mention work and are operated inside local networks. For greater distances they will still use wired and optical networks, 5g being used only to connect to main network.
Propaganda they call what u do.
ziad abouhjar
It's very miss leading to call this video myths debunked
Robert Ryon
...and cancer. Oh wait, it won't be a myth, maybe that's why it's not on this list!
Since cancer wasn't mentioned, i assume its true.
s c
*Is that the US way of dumbing down 5G or selling "sour grapes" since it is not the leader?*
Cancer, among other things, was relatively rare when I was growing up. Today in the U.S. almost 1 in 3 will get Cancer at some point in their lifetime.  We are supposedly entitled to clean air and water here in America, but what about the health effects of microwave radiation.  There is good credible science that raises the specter that 5G is a bad move for society and people’s health.  Yet, money wins the day over prudence and the well-being of our fellow man.  Personally, I would rather be nuked.  At least that is a lot faster and more humane.  How many people have developed cancer or other health issues within a mile of a 4G cell tower? The science shows that 5G will be much worse.  There is nowhere to run, and the only way to fight this on a level that will do the most damage to the companies behind it.  Class Action Lawsuits!  It worked against Big Tobacco and this is so much bigger.  Start a “go fund me site” to hire a law firm and advertise nationally letting potential plaintiffs know that this kind of irresponsible behavior on the part of cellular providers may have very well exasperated or caused their health problems.  Real science can back this up, and maybe enough people will wake-up in time to save the day.  If you are reading this, please do not be complacent.  Do research and educate yourself, for history shows us time and time again, that complacency and ignorance pave the way for psychopaths to inflict their evil.  From what I understand the insurance companies are not offering liability protections to cellular providers for these kinds of damages.  They already realize the risks. Technology can be the savior of humanity or the seeds of its destruction.  If it is to be our savior, we must put people first.
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Trump says he wants 5G in the U.S. Five Myths About 5G, Debunked 2 days ago   08:58

President Trump tweeted this morning that he wants to see 5G technology in the U.S., but he wants it to come from American companies, not China. "CBS This Morning" co-host Bianna Golodryga joins CBSN to talk about her interview with Ren Zhengfei, the founder and CEO of Huawei, a leader in 5G tech.

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