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😴 Guided Meditation For Sleep | Sleep Talk Down Guided - At Up-Tube.com

😴 Guided Meditation for Sleep Sleep Talk Down Guided 1 day ago   1:45:34

Kim Carmen Walsh - Hypnotherapy & Meditations
Re-released from the Paradigm Meditations channel. Be guided into sleep with this wonderful remedy for insomnia. This guided meditation for sleep and healing relaxation is the perfect remedy to the stress and sleep problems that so many of us face. If you prefer the female voice as you fall into slumber then I'm sure you'll enjoy this extended sleep meditation.

This session is an extended version of my 'Field of Dreams Guided Sleep Meditation'. It is not on a loop, but rather takes the listener progressively and slowly deeper down into relaxation and sleep, using a variety of subconscious deepeners and PMRs (Progressive Muscle Relaxers).

#insomnia #meditation #kimcarmenwalsh

Kim Carmen Walsh
Mindfully Be

'Untold Depths (Delta)' soundtrack by Christopher Lloyd-Clarke http://www.christopherlloydclarke.com/

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June Smith
Love this. May I say that the cock crowing or whatever at the beginning which is probably a trademark, well, I listen to this at night without headphones sometimes and then asleep as is my partner in another room, but hit the replay if I wake up and even the dog jumps hearing the cock crowing as its so quiet at night here.. lol. Does this bother anyone else, hate to even mention it... as the rest of the tape is amazing, thank you so much. Greeting from Canada
Richard Hillier
I can’t listen to a guy it doesn’t calm me or soothing me we need more people like u Kim I’m now a subscriber
Richard Hillier
Great video Kim I was feeling so sick and panicking and anxiety about my breathing your voice calmed me right down everything u said helped me thank god for your beautiful soothing voice and meaningful words please keep making these videos thxs & god bless u
Sazy Plew
🤩 💗 Awake for hours upon hours in the middle of my sleep: unfortunately I can only say the first half of this vid is GREAT as I slept through the second half. Given it started w an advert I was worried an advertisement would come at the end (or God forbid w/in the vid) and w it’s loud and excitatory stimulus wake me IF I was able to fall asleep, so I’ve avoided YouTube hypnosis vids in particular can’t sleep cases—last night was dire...thankfully I’ve no clue if an ad comes at the end.
John Salvi
One ring to rule them all
Jodi C
Thank you Kim! Best sleep meditation
Mira Ivas
Kim, this might be the best sleep meditation that I've ever heard. Your voice is so soothing and relaxing, and the script is imaginative and fairy-tale like. That is not easy to do for almost 2 hours. Love and gratitude for a great job....🌹✨💚
Thanks! I just came!
This almost made me fall asleep but in the end I couldn't, but thanks for uploading this. Any tips if nothing works so far?
it's not true
I hat to stop at the services
Thank you, your voice is lovely darling.
Axe Psyche
I HAD THE WORST EXPERIENCE. It wasn’t the video’s fault. No no, that was soothing. What sucked was I had a hangnail on my pinkie toe and when I got snuggled up and comfortable in my sheet and one small leg stretch later my nail caught onto the sheet and simply cracked in half. It hurt so bad! I got up and separated half the nail and am ready to try this again 12 minutes later.
Yani Hay
Lol I don’t even remember falling asleep to this as soon as I heard the voice though booooom.... it was a new day 😂😭😂😭😂 I slept so good..
Laraine Smith
I was sleepy after a shower. This made me feel better. I love you so much that I have to catch my breath. Your angelic voice brings me to the verge of tears. I love being with you in the darkness of drowsiness. Hugs;
Deimos Lets play
Made it to the countdown. Best sleep I had long time. Thanks!
Mckenna Vlogs
So good pasted around 6 milliseconds
Andrew Bryant
52:00 gets kind of strange
Invader Zim
I was having trouble sleeping tonight and when I first heard your voice I instantly felt less anxiety. Thank you
I wish you had a playlist on Spotify.
Thank you Kim. I like that you talk slower than others. It's much better. It's easier for me to focus. In fact for the slower the better.
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Sleep Talk Down Guided 😴 Guided Meditation for Sleep 1 day ago   1:02:16

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