Brooklyn & Bailey Swimsuit Haul Ten-year-old Giorgia gets Alesha's 2 days ago   10:01

Brooklyn and Bailey
We can’t believe that #summer is almost here! ☀️Today, Bailey and I will show you 10 of our FAVORITE #swimsuit looks for summer, and where to find them! Which look is your favorite??

We filmed our annual #swimsuithaul for y’all while we were in Florida for Spring Break! There are 10 SUPER CUTE swimsuit looks here, 5 for each of us, and a ton of ways to customize the looks with cover ups, sunglasses, hats, shoes, and more! What’s your favorite swimsuit look?? Let us know in the comments below! 👙

Check out these links where we found our looks!

Bailey's 1st Swimsuit Look:
*SUNGLASSES: (out of stock)
*SWIMSUIT: (top) (bottoms)

Brooklyn's 1st Swimsuit Look:
*SWIMSUIT: (top) (bottoms)

Brooklyn’s 2nd Swimsuit Look:
*SHORTS: (out of stock)

Bailey’s 2nd Swimsuit Look:
*TOWEL: (sold out)
*SWIMSUIT: (top) (bottom)
*SANDALS: (similar)

Brooklyn’s 3rd Swimsuit Look:
*COVER UP: (out of stock) similar:

Bailey’s 3rd Swimsuit Look:
*HEADBAND: (similar)

Brooklyn’s 4th Swimsuit Look:
*SHORTS: (out of stock)

Bailey’s 4th Swimsuit Look:

Bailey’s 5th Swimsuit Look:

Brooklyn’s 5th Swimsuit Look:
*CLUTCH: (similar)

Don’t forget to comment below with your favorite swimsuit look!

💋's - Brooklyn

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Brooklyn and Bailey
Which swimsuit do you like the most?? Comment below! 💋's - Brooklyn
Hi brooklyn, just saying, i am single...
martin mack
This is literally the best YouTube video ever. These girls can put together wonderful entertainment . Are they even trying lol.
Ava Boyd
Does brooklyn have a tattoo????? Or is it fake???
Umna Nasar
I recognize the bridge and beach from the movie DEAR JOHN.. 😘 .. what place is this..?
Mattlee Rose
Hi-I have a video idea for you guys, you should do the twin telepathy challenge but thru a drive through!

If you have any questions just ask
Aubrey Phillip
You guys are some of the prettiest people I’ve ever seen! You are so sweet! I love watching your vids
Melanie Garcia
Last one
LTK_ chase
You girls look so pretty
Nalu Shipper
All the actions they did right there is me when I get a new hair tie.
Dancing popstars
Can we have a workout routine please!! You look so so so good!!
Cari Walker
The 1 piece that Bailey wears while at the beach is similar to the 2 piece I just got as in the stripes and colors. Lol
Gymnastflipper8 Coolio
Y’all are blessed😍
Yessica Hollins
How old are you two
Clearly Dorothy
What’s the name of the song at 1:30?
3D Print Solutions
You girls are the true meaning of Perfection.
Timi Ogunleye
Y'all should make a swimsuit line called Brooklyn Bailey swim
kristina myrteza
I love your styles omg ❤️❤️
Clarence Sigmon
Hey Brooklyn and Bailey I love ur vid! Maybe this summer you could do a GLO-up summer vid or tips and tricks, bc you 2 are already so pretty and nice
This video is so relaxing
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Ten-year-old Giorgia gets Alesha's Brooklyn & Bailey Swimsuit Haul 2 days ago   06:19

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Giorgia Borg took the Judges' breath away with her powerful voice and original song - we still can't believe she's only ten years old!

Watch the moment Alesha hit her Golden Buzzer and sent Giorgia straight to the semi-finals.