Brooklyn & Bailey Swimsuit Haul Women Try Swimwear As Clothes 2 days ago   10:01

Brooklyn and Bailey
We can’t believe that #summer is almost here! ☀️Today, Bailey and I will show you 10 of our FAVORITE #swimsuit looks for summer, and where to find them! Which look is your favorite??

We filmed our annual #swimsuithaul for y’all while we were in Florida for Spring Break! There are 10 SUPER CUTE swimsuit looks here, 5 for each of us, and a ton of ways to customize the looks with cover ups, sunglasses, hats, shoes, and more! What’s your favorite swimsuit look?? Let us know in the comments below! 👙

Check out these links where we found our looks!

Bailey's 1st Swimsuit Look:
*SUNGLASSES: (out of stock)
*SWIMSUIT: (top) (bottoms)

Brooklyn's 1st Swimsuit Look:
*SWIMSUIT: (top) (bottoms)

Brooklyn’s 2nd Swimsuit Look:
*SHORTS: (out of stock)

Bailey’s 2nd Swimsuit Look:
*TOWEL: (sold out)
*SWIMSUIT: (top) (bottom)
*SANDALS: (similar)

Brooklyn’s 3rd Swimsuit Look:
*COVER UP: (out of stock) similar:

Bailey’s 3rd Swimsuit Look:
*HEADBAND: (similar)

Brooklyn’s 4th Swimsuit Look:
*SHORTS: (out of stock)

Bailey’s 4th Swimsuit Look:

Bailey’s 5th Swimsuit Look:

Brooklyn’s 5th Swimsuit Look:
*CLUTCH: (similar)

Don’t forget to comment below with your favorite swimsuit look!

💋's - Brooklyn

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Brooklyn and Bailey
Which swimsuit do you like the most?? Comment below! 💋's - Brooklyn
Both look very beautiful and hot in them all
does Brooklyn have a tatoo?
Christopher Trapper
U can't just show off like that Brooklynn and not expect me to fall for u
Ada Nanesha
Love the new way for this year!!!
Jaydan 09
Very classy young ladies
Ava Noel
should i start a yt channel?
Lilah's World
What is the music
Video Impossible
3:04 is a model look
Video Impossible
So cute
Milly Dawson
Why do they have to look so brilliant in every thing at yet I look awful in every thing!!
Unique SP
video ruined by that smokey filter they put on it.
Monica Torres
Brooklyn has a tattoo?! I never knew!
Libby Swaney
hello I’m so happy
Gage Liam
I watched this whole video without skipping

I’m a dude..
Narcoleptic Axolotl
This isn't how they used to do swimsuit hauls.
Isabella Cezario
do y'all have tatoos?
Kayley Dyszelski
Brooklyn has a tattoo?!?!
zamariah carter
what you both do is amazing your so young and making a difference your videos are just great is all about family love and little photo shoots lol but YOU ARE BOTH VERY BEAUTIFUL not just on the outside but the inside as well also i just love you both for the difference in personality and your loving nature it shows even through a VIDEO LOVE UUUUUU
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Women Try Swimwear As Clothes Brooklyn & Bailey Swimsuit Haul 2 days ago   11:04

"This swimsuit is so cute, I'm ready to do it justice."

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