Rebel Wilson Had to Get Emergency Rescued Melissa McCarthy Loses Her Mind 2 months ago   06:49

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon
Rebel Wilson chats about getting rescued from an Aspen ski slope, going power mad as star and producer of her rom-com Isn't It Romantic and the disguise she wore to sneak into test screenings.

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Rebel Wilson Had to Get Emergency Rescued from an Aspen Ski Slope


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who wrapped her in my aunt's tacky leather couch?
Scottish Bigfoot
Man, she is so gorgeous.
Sommer Harlow
I love Rebel 😂😂
mick taylor
jimmy fallon was falling over her boobs i think jimmy finds her a super hottie she is one of the most exciting things in hollywood at the moment monotone is the new sexy voice
Lee Stark
Rebel I love you to BITS!!! - but that dress is uncomfortably asphyxiating girl! OMG I feel as if I cant breathe just looking at her :(
FrenchArtAntiques Paris
The Romantic Comedy movie was horrible.
Noora H
rebel is so amazing i love her
Ruslan Nabiev
Man I don’t like her. She’s is so weird man. I just don’t get her and I like to think I’m pretty well read. I read a lot of books and keep up with a lot scientific news and yet I still don’t understand her.
Marisa Smith
She;s so fucking gorgeous
& i for one love that dress~
Alex Shine
Never would've guessed she'd run into problems skiing.
Priscila Rodriguez
this movie s hilarious, LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Stephanie Kolb
I think she looks beautiful and I actually like that dress that is getting so many negative comments. She is a very pretty girl and it’s a cute dress. So what if it’s tight; a big flowing frock would look idiotic.
Jose Parcenary
Thought the title was gonna read "Rebel Wilson Had to Get Emergency Rescued from a pig trough".
Rebel Wilson is so hilarious and so cool 😂
Maria Alvarez
Movie was 👍🏼
Erika Garibay
Jimmy Fallon is so annoying! His fake laugh hurts my ears
cherries & wine
She's not even a comedian and she's funnier than Amy Sgumher
Gal Cho
She is 😍 so beautiful 😨 her face😯
Some Guy
Lose some weight before you try an athletic sport. Her ski instructor has said there was nothing wrong with her. What a waste of the ski patrols time.
Heidi Pykkonen
She makes me smile! Can't wait to see it!
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Melissa McCarthy Loses Her Mind Rebel Wilson Had to Get Emergency Rescued 2 months ago   05:40

Melissa McCarthy divulged to Ellen that since her two daughters have started playing basketball, she’s become exactly the type of parent she feared she would meet – aggressive and yelling from the sidelines. Plus, the “Can You Ever Forgive Me?” star recalls the hilarious moment she found out she was nominated for another Oscar.