Rebel Wilson Had to Get Emergency Rescued Melissa McCarthy Loses Her Mind 5 days ago   06:49

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon
Rebel Wilson chats about getting rescued from an Aspen ski slope, going power mad as star and producer of her rom-com Isn't It Romantic and the disguise she wore to sneak into test screenings.

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Rebel Wilson Had to Get Emergency Rescued from an Aspen Ski Slope


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Gal Cho
She is 😍 so beautiful 😨 her face😯
Some Guy
Lose some weight before you try an athletic sport. Her ski instructor has said there was nothing wrong with her. What a waste of the ski patrols time.
Heidi Pykkonen
She makes me smile! Can't wait to see it!
Henshaw YNWA
she dressed like a babybel
Doesnt she look like Ricky Baker from the movie
Ma Can
The outfit makes her hard to breathe 😏
Anisa Fitri
I love her omg she's so funny😂😍
Michelle Foucault
Something more flowy would have been better than that tight leather.
Does anyone remember Rebel as Toula in Fat Pizza many many years ago?
I got Rescued too the first time I went snowboarding. lol
Timille Barrow
That leather dress though... fierce!
Nicole Goetz
Her hair is goals!! ❤❤❤
carrie white
Like Rebel
She's funny
Aurangzeb Ali
why doesn't she have a boyfriend .. she is so charming
Luca Rossi
I ❤️ her but she could choose another story to tell 😂 I just saw the Ellen interview and it was the same.
Chris Mahar
#jimmy love you-remember that thers are probably radio assets under the desk you are standing on...... its avbious you call the other guy with the mustache _noah and break stuff together! #alex
Ball Peen Baybee
Women are incapable of being funny. This is horrendous.
Ewa Dąbrowska
This J.Fallon fake laugh... it's very annoying.
Mark Helen
*Isn't It Romantic* (2019) film available :
Dieser Film ist unglaublich, jetzt schau es dir an!
that's like $60,000. contrary to what many think it's not done for free. the person rescued gets a bill. if it's medical issue insurance pays but in her case i doubt it. unneeded rescues drain resources, plus every time a team goes on a rescue their lives are put in danger to some degree.
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Melissa McCarthy Loses Her Mind Rebel Wilson Had to Get Emergency Rescued 5 days ago   05:40

Melissa McCarthy divulged to Ellen that since her two daughters have started playing basketball, she’s become exactly the type of parent she feared she would meet – aggressive and yelling from the sidelines. Plus, the “Can You Ever Forgive Me?” star recalls the hilarious moment she found out she was nominated for another Oscar.