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Hi to day i wantto show you about videos:

Primitive Technology - Eating delicious - Cacth and cooking big crab

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Akldakld N
شنو هذا كلامهم خطيه كسرو خاطري
Toni Gomes
Estos cabrones ande acabar a doloridos de tanto brinco
Arslan Amanow
You're the savage and you are not children of people. Fuck you. ill-mannered, why you kill the beautiful animal, you should just die
SwiftKey 186
Это че за животные.
Ales Tjs
Did they drink out of a crab?
Luana Laborda
Já te jate queria roubar comida dos outros e ela ainda ajuda
Gaming with Jacob
Your so dumb why would you put a crab in your pocket dummy!
Gaming with Jacob
Gaming with Jacob
The only thing I hate is when you eat like monsters like this *slurp om nom nom slurp*
Мансур Гуциев
Кто то заробатывает на них деньги
Мансур Гуциев
Как у этих пидаразов 1 миллион подписчиков
Cielo Salazar
Porque los monos bailan cuando comen expliquenme porque no entiendo😂😂
Rty ipy
Sz Sk
Jami jami jami
Maicon Douglas
Vai tomar no cu comida é para ser comida devagar não desse jeito pecado seus fdp tô nem aí
robot snake20
No butter? Smh
zamah Vega
Like si odias como come el nño roba comida
Debesėlis Aizinaitė
As jus paciusiu
why are you talking like monkeys? you are cringe af
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Primitive Technology - Giant fish Primitive Technology - Eating delicious 1 week ago   10:09

Hello, today I am sharing the simplest fish hunting skill, but I find that it is still very effective to look for wild food. This video I steamed fish with some natural spices, Eating delicious - Awesome cooking fish. I would like to tell you about the video: Primitive Technology - Eat well - Fish excellent cooking in the jungle if you like this video please share and comment, do not forget to subscribe to catch the latest video offline. thank you