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Hi to day i wantto show you about videos:

Primitive Technology - Eating delicious - Cacth and cooking big crab

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Rami Esquivel
Esos niños ase cosa ridículas lake si si
Yulian Mesa
Un. Día. Se. Ban. A. Morir. Esos. Pendejos. De. Mierda. Cómo. Comen. Que. Mierda
Xavier Arias
6:19 uy esa mordida es más falsa que la puñalada de Yao cabrera
Jana G.
Hmm delicios
Q asco como comen 🤢🤢
christian ranked gaming
like si le das like a todos los que dicen like
Emiliano Castro
Niños tonto baila
gerson ramirez jimenez
Que as codais
تحشيش محمد العراقي
دانعل ابوكم لابو الجابكم يا سرسرية ابن الدايح خرب أمك
Sid Misagal
Adryan Suriel Suriel Rodriguez
Pura novelas Falsa.
Neneng Salmia
Dianne Argallon
Adrian Vazques Vallejo
Para que putas tienen que gritar como mono
Rafi Aja
noob crab what arpa gua CABE minum
Bruh one of the crab is a female
Фируза Янгильдина
Им только в зоопарке за клеткой сидеть вместо мартышек уууууууууу 🐒🐒
Pedro Mr
Lmao haha
Adrian Martinez Martinez
El que le da asco like
Bekka Kidder
Can you talk
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Primitive Technology - Giant fish Primitive Technology - Eating delicious 3 months ago   10:09

Hello, today I am sharing the simplest fish hunting skill, but I find that it is still very effective to look for wild food. This video I steamed fish with some natural spices, Eating delicious - Awesome cooking fish. I would like to tell you about the video: Primitive Technology - Eat well - Fish excellent cooking in the jungle if you like this video please share and comment, do not forget to subscribe to catch the latest video offline. thank you