Avengers - Endgame - Power Levels Most Powerful Weapons in the Universe 2 months ago   05:38

Marvel's Avengers: Endgame first power level ranking.

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This chart Is trash
nattapat sangkool
scarlet witch more than captain marvel
Thanos joined the chat!
Thor joined the chat!
Thanos left the chat!!
Captain Marvel joined the chat!
Goku joined the chat

Chat closed by marvel!!!!
cool guy
Oh i know goku is not in this video but im sure goku is powerfull then all the marvel character's.
Luke Maxx
Like & comment if u love the hope of Justice the optimistic hero. If u know who is he then like & comment
kong k
Sai ho bro
Iron man is best
Conservative Hamster
WTF, this ranking looks so random
Scarlet witch is stronger than captain marvel. Captain marvel is the strength of thanos’ fingers but scarlet witch is stronger than thanos himself even with 5/6 infinity stones.
Rotydure el duro Roty
Capitán america luchó con el mismo en 2012 y salieron empates
The Dinosaur Heretic
I refuse to believe that Mantis is stronger than 2012 Thor
Muhammet Açlan
Thanos with infinity gaunglet captain marvelin ağzına sıçar
Muhammet Açlan
False false false
Mega Videos
Fake fake fake thor war machine se powerfull
Ann Laurent
Wait! Korg has 2,200 unit???
The Soviet vegeta
Thannos: nobody can not stop me
Everybody in avenger :'gasp" it's goku and vegeta
Thannos: oh shoot
Goku: hey u are u powerful
Thannos: yes "gets worried "
Vegeta: let me fight him kakrot
Goku : vegeta let me
Vegeta no kakrot
Goku : no vegeta wait why don't we fuse
Vegeta : no
Goku:come on vegeta it will be eazy
Thanoss:let fight already

Edit" 50 like for next story
Yashwanth Kumar
You are a fuck
Yeoh Mingjie
How is captain marvel stronger than the infinity stones in the movie she go smacked by thanos with the power stone
Saif Mahmud
pathetic video
Ultra instinct Boyz
Bruh thor is the strongest
It is all lie
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Most Powerful Weapons in the Universe Avengers - Endgame - Power Levels 2 months ago   11:38

Hi guys,

In this video, I show you the most powerful fictional and real weapons. Do you agree?


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