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Danger Of Gas Cylinders 😨 We Will | Propane Gas Tank Thrown Into - At Up-Tube.com

Danger of Gas Cylinders 😨 We will Propane gas tank thrown into 1 day ago   04:28

This video is of a scientific nature its purpose is to show and encourage to obey safety when handling gas cylinders.
Everything in this video is performed by professionals in compliance with safety regulations. Do not repeat - it can be dangerous.

Operation of gas cylinders. Cylinders with compressed, liquefied or dissolved gases require special safety measures for their transportation, storage and operation. These measures must be observed to avoid:

(a) gas leaks through loose connections and the formation of explosive mixtures with air, which is dangerous in the presence of a spark, for example, when a cylinder hits a solid object;

b) thermal effects on the cylinder, which causes an increase in the gas pressure in it;

C) mechanical shocks that may damage the vessel walls.

It is necessary to transport cylinders with gas with the put on safety caps, and cylinders with combustible gases - with caps and plugs. During transportation of cylinders in cars, trucks and other means of transportation spring in a horizontal position between the cylinders is installed a strip of wooden bars carved with jacks or cylinders wear rubber ring with a minimum thickness of 25 mm all the cylinders are contained valves in one direction. When transporting cylinders in an upright position in special containers or without them, gaskets between the cylinders and barriers against possible fall shall be installed.

During loading and unloading to drop the tanks and hitting them on hard objects is not permitted.

Joint storage of cylinders with oxygen and combustible gases as it is connected with possibility of formation of explosive mixes is not allowed

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Those are some weird ass tanks. I don't know what country this is but in the US the tanks have a guard around the valve.
They also have a safety release valve that allows excess pressure to be released without explosion.
*Welcome to Russia blyat*
Szilla b
pls more polution ....
Am I the inly one who thought this was our good buddy Vlad Putin?
Jose Peixoto
Sure; that cylinder won't kill anyone soon. Was this in the usa?
Joe Marriott
My ass after Friday night curry.....
Austin T.
We use propane tanks to blow beaver dams out. Light fire on dam, throw propane tank near fire, shoot tank. Bye bye beaver
Aaditya gadhvi
Bombing started AGAIN.......
lee hamlin
Crazy fool. Carrying a gas bottle on a moped !
If the valve hits the floor hard, and shears off at the fitting,
that tank becomes a missile !
Derek 5446
Professionals he says
Professionals to contaminate the environment
Im okay... I dont have a bathtub.
Michael McDonald
Very professional! I'll be sure to remind myself not to try this at home!
Vancouver Island Waterjet
This earns a thumbs up just for the ballsy way he carries that gas cylinder on the bike, not even a valve guard.
ThE ALL Se3iNg Ey3
In America, propane blow you
But in soviet Russia, you blow propane
Steven Egleston
Uh your lack of Intelligence is what is dangerous. For one, everything is dangerous, secondly, gas cylinders have safety devices which make it impossible for an explosion, what u get is more like a fountain like in your video. 3rd off what made u the tank guru, u don't look like u work very much, at least not where tanks are made. If your an engineer, you should've been a tradesman first, because your theories aren't backed with any experience, your out trying to save lives, stop talking
Sam Labo
We keep propane under the counter to run the stove top because that's how we do It here
Kristy Wilkinson
Are you bored in that country lol
Kristy Wilkinson
Could this happen to gas boilers ?
Alexander G
i would love to see the video of what made the crater next to the oxygen explosion
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Propane gas tank thrown into Danger of Gas Cylinders 😨 We will 1 day ago   08:57