Chevrolet Silverado SECRET Key FOB Features How to turn on the Texting Feature on your 4 months ago   02:33

Dustin T
AMP Powersteps: Amp Powersteps (Silverado 2014-2018):

Toyo RT Tires:

Rough Country 3.5” Lift:

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Check out this video to see how you can power fold your mirrors!

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I just crapped my pants, what shal I do?
just alex
The owners manual is not a secret people
Dan M.
thank you for sharing. Any idea how to get rid of my vehicle speed warning dinging when I exceed a posted speed limit? I tuned it on, but hell if I can turn it back off. HELP PLEASE anyone :-) thank you by the way its a 2018 /GMC Sierra 3500 duramax
Troy M
Just read your owners manual. Nothing new or discovered here!
switch r
Your key fob os differemt from mine. The dealership probably programmed mine from another vehicle. Its oval shape
Your key fob is dirty af
Timothy Smith
Good vids, keep making these👍🏻
mustand ford
Damn Chevy builds some ugly ass trucks
Tony R
Okay that's one strike, you gave out the mirror secret. Don't you dare give out the GM owners secret handshake. Your out of the club if you do.
Main important thing not mentioned is this is only for the high end models not for like lt or even some ltz models other than that great video thanks for sharing.
Rick Baker
Everyone be nice. Thanks for the video bud.
Malachi Bailey
Yes we want one that start the truck
bad 411
It's called an owners manual stupid.
Victor Torres
on mine to fold the mirrors you dont have to push it twice , just hold lock down and it locks and folds mirrors and hold unlock and it unlocks and unfolds them, no double pushing needed, also if you hold down even longer it will roll all windows down
no secret. I'm not into secrets fella. just don't hack again when I change it and let everything disappeare
Austin Lawrie
You would know if you would buy your shit new😂
andrew barr
What color is your interior
ayy marley
Meanwhile I'm taking a shit
Mike Valadez
Secret features... Just well documented in the manual and is an option in the stereo. That's not secret dude.
Grumpy cat
I love GM state of art technology. I was hungry and it was hot out and put my AC on and a hot pocket on the back seat. It was steaming 5 min later, ready to eat. That’s an amazing feature of my ‘16 Denali 1500 crew cab.
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