Dog Whispering Is The Most Dangerous Job The 3rd Biggest Youtube Channel Is Horrible 1 day ago   06:32

This is the greatest whispering of All Time

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0:55 this man kicked the dog
Random Person
Oh no
4:08 hyena laugh
Kinang Eagle
The signature 0:25
Kinang Eagle
Caesar has done it
I didn’t know criticals voice could go so high
Kongo Dogondos
You may not fast travel when engaged in combat
Forest Of The Impaled
Did he just kick that dog? What an asshole.
Dead Memes
The fear in the dog’s eyes
"The Broom and the Three Leashes" sounds like a strangely interesting fantasy novel that involves a kinky witch
Ricardo Escalante
My father used to watch Cesar's show a lot. One time, my dad came across Cesar in Playa del Carmen, and respectfully he asked the dog whisperer for a pic. Mr Millan responded "do it quickly" with a quite obnoxious voice. My dad just said "I lost interest" and left.
The “where are they now” for these episodes is a panning shot of the local dog pound’s mass grave
So to calm this dog down, Im going to bring another, bigger, dog into his territory and hold a broom in his face before he can get to the safety of his home.
Hector Gyatso
This is one of the best penguinz0 reaction videos
Fear dkxndo
Steve Gecko
As a professional dog trainer I can tell you, never ever fucking do anything this dude does. He couldn't even pass the dog training course and test they have in Germany. He isnt a dog trainer he cant read dog body language like a good dog trainer should
Basile Van Negen
he is litterally braking 20 dog etiquette laws a second i'm an amateur who's owned a dog for barely two months and even i see lmao
Nea Politan
Holly will dance on your fucking grave
Jed Olson
can we take a moment to meditate on the confusing picture that briefly appeared in the first second of the video
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The 3rd Biggest Youtube Channel Is Horrible Dog Whispering Is The Most Dangerous Job 1 day ago   05:17

This is the greatest crafting of All Time