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Have you ever wondered with all the technology that is available why we can produce incredibly reliable engines? Could it be that engine manufacturers really don’t know what they are doing? Or are they purposely making unreliable engines to make money from part and repairs... Everyone knows it’s not profitable to make something that lasts forever. Despite this, there are some engine manufacturers that made incredibly good engines…so good they had to stop! Check out these most reliable engines of all time.

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Keegan Minnie
I subed too you and liked
we sa
What about 4g63?
Kevin Houston
Where’s the VW 1.9 TDI ALH?
400k to 1 million miles easy...

The VW 2.5 5 cylinder is also pretty bulletproof

Dodge 318 V8, dubbed the “Mistake Motor” as they made the “mistake” of making it TOO reliable
Chris Rau
I am disappointed the Jeep/amc 4.0 i6 wasn’t on here
Aussie Pom
Where's the BARRA. Can be boosted to over 1,000hp and is as strong as an ox.
D. Corey
This is very bad advice. Bmw diesels are garbage. Get out of the car asap unless you enjoy seeing your check engine light every day.
Kyle Logan
1: Nissan RB26DET
2: Toyota 2AR FE
3: Honda K20
4: Merc 300D
5: Toyota 3S FE
6: BMW M57
7: Merc M102
8: Mazda Rotary
9: Nissan VR38DET
10: 2JZ GTE
u tuber
my 2006 Mazda 6 2.3 now has 303,000 on the odometer..and I have a 1980 mercedes 240d which has the same engine as the 300d this particular engine will go easily over half a million miles..
this ain't it
obsolete professor
My 92 Camry's clutch went 450k miles and the car now has 475k on the original emgine...smoking a bit now.
Jorge Posadas
This guy is talking about 100k and 200k mile engines, I don't own any of these sorry ass engines but my 2008 expedition has 350k miles and my 2003 Silverado has over 500k, both with original engines and I still drive them like a madman.
Talon Vaughn
You dont know shit didnt show anything American really. Where is the Small block chevy? The jeep 4.0? Slant 6?
Talon Vaughn
Says RB26 "Debt" shows supra.
Pcw exhaust mods
Showing an m4 as an example for cars m57 engine was used in 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️
Joe Lafleur
My jeep has 413k miles 4.0 inline 6. 01 grand cherokee laredo I did a lot of work to it but still running. Most of these motors were inline designs on this list.
Billy Vo
What about Toyota's 2uz 4.7l v8 I have over 400k miles regularly maintenance she still runs great and tows great
Jason Keeling
What the fuck? You’re talking about a motor that can go 150,000 miles as being one of the most reliable ever? What is this spam bullshit???? Might want to do your research and homework before you piece together a bunch of garbage these motors don’t even come close to touching the best motors in history
Kenneth Harms
3800 gm 4x miles as your talking about to bad gm quiet making them
Oreilly auto parts suck!!!
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