Most Reliable Engines of All Time Abandoned Excavator left in woods 2 days ago   12:31

Have you ever wondered with all the technology that is available why we can produce incredibly reliable engines? Could it be that engine manufacturers really don’t know what they are doing? Or are they purposely making unreliable engines to make money from part and repairs... Everyone knows it’s not profitable to make something that lasts forever. Despite this, there are some engine manufacturers that made incredibly good engines…so good they had to stop! Check out these most reliable engines of all time.

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Keegan Minnie
I subed too you and liked
I do believe that the 2jz was the only engine offered with the mk4 Supra
Joe Boxer
this was garbage about high end foreign engines, look at ford's versatile 4 cyl and over the years diverse varitions, from pintos to ford rangers, these are motors that are simple design, take much abuse and are commonly found still running at 200,000 miles and sometimes over 300,000. The only thing mad about your channel is thinking the catering to large pocketbooks will keep your channel alive.
geraldine govett
You obviously are not aware of our BARRA double overhead cam, 24 valve, variable valve timed inline six cylinder in n/a & turbocharged Australian designed & built Ford 4 litre engines that were arguably one of the best inline sixes built period that are capable of extreme mileages in our ford falcon cars down here some taxis have covered huge distances nearing a million kilometres! Also can be tuned to put out up to 2,000 HP! Look it up.
like this for K24
Laurent Vause
Rotary engine, are you forreal? LMAO you probably smoked some good Shit
Dzimka Bujiashvili
I have a 2012 Fiat 500 with 116k miles on it. I crashed the car the engine still works. It's going and probably will go on forever. I think the reliability count should start from at least 200k miles.
Kovačević Dobrina
I’ve got a 2003 Toyota Tundra with 3.4 V6 with 355,000. Runs like the day I got it. No major repairs.
Leadfarmer 503
4.7l Toyota v8
Ryan Rohauer
Ugh seems your confusing strength and durability with reliability way different thingd
VW 1.9 TDi
Dustin Sanders
Just saw a guy today with a 73 f250 flatbed had over 2.5 million miles. Had paperwork too. Jas rebuilt the motor twice. Just replacing gaskets and simple parts nothing major. Hes the original owner and he bought it new for his work truck
mercedes 300D Turbo diesel handles 1 million kilometers easily. Same goes for OM601-602-603-604-605-606.
dude.. 200000 miles on the om603 and 606 is really just not that much
Jaime Centeno
My 06 acura tsx has 220000 and still runs like new lol
larry Looney
Rotary engine wears out quickly
I wonder how many times the c-class they gave him for the 240d has broken down by now
Patrick Cannell
Only one American car featured. Japanese and German dominates!
And The K20 Also Have 220Hp Which Is Not Bad For A Civic, It Just That Ricer That Doesn't Know The Potential Of His Car
Bob Pratt
The 289. They never sent ya walking if your old enough to remember
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Abandoned Excavator left in woods Most Reliable Engines of All Time 2 days ago   17:54

A Hitachi UH043 excavator broke down 16 years ago and was abandoned in the middle of a trail on a steep slope in my neighbors forest.
My neighbor wanted it out of the way so he can use the trail again, he said I can have the excavator for scrap metal so I went to investigate.