4K DOESN'T MATTER *watch before HOW TO FILM YOURSELF 1 year ago   10:45

Sara Dietschy
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Hi! My name is Sara Dietschy (rhymes with peachy) and I live in New York City. New videos on my channel every week! I upload vlogs, tech reviews, how-to / behind the scenes travel & lifestyle videos; as well as creative / entrepreneurial focused interviews and documentary films.

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Peter McKinnon
Savage on that onewheel!! Thanks for the hangs! Sawwrrryyyyy
dr who
Does go pro hero 5 do 4 or 2 k n how n how about throw light settings
HD Zuwn
Yes I’m subscribed because you are Johnathen hill boyfriend
HD Zuwn
Are u with John hill
Jason Berardi
Two years ago, maybe this was the case. Today...not so much. Crazy how quickly things are changing.
Kris Karch
I wouldn't consider Sony's A-line battery life as a disadvantage. I have 4 batteries for my A7III and and literally stopped carring 2 of them, as there was no sense at all. I can do whole day just at 1 battery and that's just amazing!
Monster Fueled
4k doesnt matter, but UPLOADING in 4k (even if the video is just 1080) makes a HUGE difference on youtube
THANKS for everyone's links! Awesome people, clearly!
I don't wanna give advice that leaves a sour or bitter taste at all, but I could DEFINITELY show this dude a tactic or two to not be so scarred up from a fall at 19mph @7:56
7:07 me and my sister are literally the only people i know who ever say that
Grow Your Heirlooms
And now 2 years later. everyone that said "4k doesn't mater" are proven to be wrong
Scott Gibbs
Sara, I want to start a YouTube channel and I’m struggling figuring out what camera to buy. I wanted to start simple and was thinking about the Canon G7X. Then I watched a YouTube criticism pointing out the G7X has poor autofocus and doesn’t shoot 24 FPS. Am I overthinking this? My max is $1K. Help me!!!!
DJ Avionyx
Sooorry aboot that 🤣
Justin Gibson
"dabbing on theses haters" LOL
Masresha Yayeh
please teach on how to shoot and make virtual tour for real estates or hotels
Han Zach
You and peter done coke after this, isn't it?
0:22 random penis
Nick Rosetti
Sara will you marry me?
Emmanouil Kontopodis
While the video is very informative..... Why is your video so overexposed? because it is.... Good content by the way... And not in good focus. About the sound not to mention... Good content but.... Hard judgement...
Loved ❤😘 this!
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HOW TO FILM YOURSELF 4K DOESN'T MATTER *watch before 1 year ago   06:34

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