Playing Luigi's Mansion 3 with Luigi's Mansion 3 All Portrait Ghosts 2 days ago   36:35

Nintendo Treehouse's Nate Bihldorff joins us to play the E3 Luigi's Mansion 3 demo and answer some of our questions about the game, including the game's story, structure, mechanics, if there will be amiibo support, and tons more!


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If we get the Shy Guy ghosts in this game, since Nate Bihldorff use to be a voice actor for Shy Guys, he should voice them.
Reddo Deado
Is that the Sunshine coin collecting sound?
Depressed Idiot
Dr Phil Is a god
Why does this feel and look so awkward
Hey so I read a Eurogamer article and here's what the devs had to say:

"With the overall hotel structure and different floors, we wanted players to be able to visualize how the hotel was set up. So, for example, if there's water dripping through the ceiling, maybe there's a bathtub upstairs and you should look up there. Having that kind of three-dimensional exploration is something we put a lot of focus on.

One idea was the puzzle gimmick of turning on a TV in one room and being able to emerge via a TV in another room - and go back and forth between them. We had planned that warp feature throughout the game but ultimately we weren't able to put a TV in every room, so we didn't do it throughout the hotel.

The main method of exploring the hotel is the elevator, but its buttons are missing and you have to get them by defeating bosses. It doesn't necessarily go up in order, either. You may find yourself on the seventh floor, then the third floor, jumping around."

Sooooo.... Partially Metroidvania structured? Better to keep expectations in check though but since this statement is by one of the guys in the dev team, I think this is kinda likely. Again, don't expect anything too ambitious.
21:51 Why is no one commenting on this? Nate's implying that they are maybe secret entrances to floors. That's freaking amazing.
Nate is my favorite Treehouse person.
Yay. I love Nate.
Katelyn Jewel
Awww! I'm disappointed that this game doesn't have Amiibo compatibility. I was really hoping we'd get a new Luigi's Mansion Amiibo, especially after Mario, Peach and Bowser got new Amiibos for Super Mario Odyssey while Luigi was left behind as he didn't get to be part of the game aside from a minor DLC role. I guess Luigi will forever have fewer amiibos than the other main characters. :( Well I'm still hyped for this game and this is my most anticipated one for this year.
29:30 I think Ash meant for that Daisy question to sound a lot more funny and sarcastic than it was and it just fell flat hahahaha. Poor Ash....
Benjamin Franklin
GameXplain, can you please do another trailer analysis for the new LM3 Trailer?
Ark Chiller
Unpopular opinion: I want a thing near the end of the game similar to paranormal chaos from the last game where you have to go through every floor and capture a shit ton of ghosts, have frantic music that speeds up the more you progress and having egad messages pop up the more you progress.
So basically confirmed not metroid/Resident Evil style exploration. once you progress to a new floor, there won't be new power ups to let you go back to previous floors for keys to use in later floors. Unfortunate.
Did slamming the ghosts straight up kill them? Kinda not feeling the slam. It should only be there to stun other surrounding enemies. Not decresse their health. I miss just holding onto dear life while sucking them up with the vacuum.
Chloe Flourence
The stocky guy is Daddy-material.
It’Simple Studios
I played the 2nd but I think the third will be much better
dungis chunbleton
Oh my god I can fuckin TASTE the missing/secret/hidden elevator button DLC and it tastes like glory. Endless mode online would also be badass
dungis chunbleton
I hope they step up the amount or difficulty of ghosts in the final release.. a slam doing 20% of multiple ghosts hp at once seems brain dead.
But my god does it look like a masterpiece 🤯
King Luigi
29:28 - Ash breakin' out the _real_ questions here.
Zachary Alejandro
I would love some Spirits from every game in existence in Smash Ultimate someday
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