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16 Fun Brain Games To Fill Your | Rat-A-Tat |'hide And Seek Cartoon - At Up-Tube.com

16 FUN BRAIN GAMES TO FILL YOUR Rat-A-Tat |'HIDE AND SEEK Cartoon 7 months ago   13:26

7-Second Riddles
Get ready to be amazed and fill your brain with new energy! These 16 fun brain games will test your logic and vision, boost your brain with new energy, making it healthy and fresh:

00:14 - A set of essential quiz questions everyone should know the answers to! Burglars and pickpockets don't waste any time and constantly come up with more sophisticated tricks to fool us. This useful trivia will prepare you for some possible nasty encounters, so you will always know what to do and, what's more important, you should do in no case!
02:03 - Think twice before you falsely accuse someone of what they didn't do! This can ruin your reputation forever, so it's no joke. Well, Detective, are you smart enough to save this innocent girl from this shameless accusation of the sneaky neighbor? Watch closely and think carefully in order to not take down the wrong person. Will you crack this hard riddle with answer before it's too late?
03:23 - Look at the two pictures and tell me what's similar here! Easy logic puzzles to make your logic run and mind work! Surprisingly, kids crack these logic puzzles without any difficulties, while adults struggle a lot! So are you a kid in your heart? 🕺
04:33 - Who is the thief? Tricky detective riddle to wake up your inner detective.
06: 13 - Even if you really don't want to upset your wife, that's no excuse for involving the police in it (they will make you confess whether you wish it or not). So, this young detective cracked his trick at once, are you as smart as he is? A fun 'crime story' to amuse you and make you rack your brain (a bit)!
07:35 - What's wrong here? Cool picture puzzles to test your vision and logic.
10:00 - A short but true personality test that will reveal some problems that are likely to worry you at the moment. How does it work? Scientists say that subconsciously we tend to choose what's similar to us or our problems, that's why it's possible to predict what your problem can be using just one picture. But enough talking, pick your image!
11:05 - Let's see if you deserve to become a FBI agent. Here is your first test: one of these nice ladies is an...undercover spy. What's more, it's not a lady, but a dangerous male agent from another country. Will you be able to crack her...his plan and bring him down? A cool visual puzzle to boost your brain and train your attention!

TELL me IN THE COMMENTS your answers to the last funny riddle.

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7-Second Riddles
So who is a man (11:08)? Did you figure out?
trytokillme 9878
Jane Liggins
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9:56 June doesn't have 31 days
Brenda Bianca
What's wrong? :
31 June ??
There is no 31 June
Master Mind
A is a man
Laetie Infinity
Ok I get it, a woman has to be weak, without body hair, with tiny feet, a dress, makeup. Well, I think I’m « actually a man » thanks 7 second riddles I didn’t know... 🤭

Seriously, I really hope kids don’t watch this... Because teaching them how they should dress or be is pathetic

No one needs to fit into the stereotypical ideas to be happy
Alfred joseph Santos
The A.
Kawaii_Heart150 Gacha ØwØ
The thing I wonder, How does seven second riddles know a lot of things about killers?
faith delday
I Really Like Your Videos!

I Would Be Very Happy If You Give Me A Like (Anyone) thank you and enjoy your day :)
9:54 it only has 30 days in June!
Cadorna Hazel
how to know who still a virgin?
Anita Verma
Anita Verma
June does not have 31 days
paradise hatton
nimisha jangid
31 june
Lizzie Jvst
Random user with a random name
This is kinda transphobic
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Rat-A-Tat |'HIDE AND SEEK Cartoon 16 FUN BRAIN GAMES TO FILL YOUR 7 months ago   56:10

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