David Beckham Top 10 Goals That 【Legend】デビッド・ベッカム クロス集 1995-2003【 David 1 month ago   06:21

mr bundesteam
Top 10 Goals by David Beckham That Shocked the Whole World
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mr bundesteam
Number 9 goal was against Numancia, not Osasuna! Sorry :D

P.S. BPL, England & UCL goals are not included because of copyrights.
Poncho Ochoa
I have to friends who’s names are David and Beckham 😂🤣
Richard Spikman
My friends, we all know that any player that can play at that level can make any one of those goals at any given time. But some players make those perfect moments time after time after time. Beckham was one of those guys. Every touch was golden.
Product reviewer uk
goal post look wide back then
Charlene Cosentini
Oh my God I love this
G-Dub 85
When I used to play Beckham and fifa and got a free kick, I already know it’s going in 😄
Debsh Hawthorne
They're all kicked w the inside of his foot….'the inside curve'....
Sonali Chakroborty
He is bestttt because he was legend in football.....
เชน จิโร่
Why didn’t he and Roberto Carlos try shooting together? Wonder which way the ball would curve.
General G.
Gods Nr. 23
Mark Tyson
"Shocked the World" - Another phrase that should be banned from YouTube video titles. Fucking stupid.
David De La Cruz
Nobody can fuck with Beckham, he’s a made man, legend. He’s up there 👆🏽
Good goals, but not shocking the world, looks like you just randomly picked 10 of his good goals in rm and usa
Tynchy Temper
Looks better with short hair
shocked from a corner? everybody can do! also me
Hylian Legend
Absolute bs. No man united or england. Most shockingly no halfway line goal or England v Greece. Do you even know who David beckham is?
Free kick = penalty
Penalty = Free goal
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