Football WOMEN Comedy ● Fails, Greatest Sports Moments - M83 Outro 1 year ago   03:01

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I mean, sure everyone makes mistakrs but this is another level. Don't forget this is all professional football.
Donet Mardon
1:36 arep ngombe botole kwalik gaes .. Haha
stjepan stojanović
Josh Cook
Women bad
Afiqq Cv
Well, womens always right ? Wait what ? HAHAHAHA
Kitten Kookie789
There are hundreds of mens fail videos and no one says shit, but ONE compilation of womens fails and men think that women are shit.
Teddy Malfoy
I wonder how brutal chicks and their fouls can be. 1:37-9 totally killed me. A female Balotelli. It is funny women wanna wanna have the same salary as men
Indiana Bones
And they want same money as men fuck offf !!!!!!!!!!!!
that's why girls should rather do pilates or yoga 🤣🤣🤣
Markus Böhm
Looool thats fantastic. Interesting, the media doesn't talk about that . Fucking feminism, just talk shit about men
Ray Colt
0:46 OMG they're so pretty I gotta start watching women football as well instead of just betting on them :) :-*
Mattys Modern Life
In Australian they now get "equal pay" with the men.

Maybe we should have them play each other to see if the women deserve it.
Prince Hassan III
After watching this! I fully support equal pay 💰😉😉😉😉😉😉
david tunnicliff
Jillimy Jilikers
Johnny stinks
Waqas Riaz
And they were asking for equal money??? 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
This is Geh
Karius is proud
Adrahamelech Basilio Juárez
1:55 is gold.
Alberto Alonso
Equal pay
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Greatest Sports Moments - M83 Outro Football WOMEN Comedy ● Fails, 1 year ago   13:10

Best Of / Compilation of SOME of greats moments in the history of Sports.
Music : M83 - Outro