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The 2015 GMC Canyon SLE review:
GM's new Canyon offers more tech in a little less truck.

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J ZatoFL
Cooley is the best of the best.
Jeff Horton
love this truck
Alex Mcmillan
Walter White
I love the color 😍
Jes Bloke
Brian.......Had trucks and cars together all my life....both accelerate/feel differently...Trucks, whether, 4 or 6 cyn engines, are not going to accelerate like a car which tends to feel zippier.  I don' expect Trucks to be fast, because I need more TORQUE (Muscle) not horsepower (speed) to haul heavy things. Trucks may be bigger/heavier and are designed to have lots of needed torque....this is probably why you're not impressed with the acceleration of the truck! They have muscle (hauling power) but are slower than cars. You noticed!  LOL :)
We, the third world market, enjoy the 2.8 Duramax diesel in our version of the colorado and trailblazer. It's torque-y and powerful. If you (U.S.) don't fall in love with this diesel drivetrain, I don't know what will. 
dave houston
I'll take a well engineered small Japanese car over these domestic monstrous pieces of garbage
How is OnStar still a thing?
Those tailights...YUCK!!!
I really hope Ford will eventually bring the international T6 Ranger to the US. Great truck.
Alin Banc
Please... no more 60 FPS video if it's not a video game.
maybe ford will fire back with a new ranger... oh who am I kidding?
Tom DeVito
I love the new Canyon and Colorado GM you have done well.
keri ellerbe
They should have put the new 4.3 in this truck if it would fit.... I think it would work well here.
Amazing $495 for Nav?? If that isn't the cheapest factory Nav optIon I've seen, I don't know what is
Alaska North 99501
I like it but I definitely would like to wait on the stats for the diesel model ,diesel all the way for me. It should run well in my Alaskan environment nice review
"You can get your Canyon with a 2.5L I4 but...don't do that." hahah
I really like the idea of having a diesel option in this size, but the design is hideous imo. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for the Nissan Frontier or the Dodge Dakota.
Nathan Ng
As long as it's Cooley I'll watch it
Ron Lovell
That's just a Nissan Frontier. GMC shares designs with Nissan. GMC got so lazy last year that they bought Nissan mini vans and slapped a Chevy logo on grill and rear door.
They worked out that this method was cheaper than designing new Chevy mini vans from the ground up.
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2015 GMC Canyon Review | Consumer Car Tech - 2015 GMC Canyon SLE 5 months ago   03:41

GM tries to revive the shrinking compact truck market with the new GMC Canyon and its near-twin, the Chevrolet Colorado. Better refinement, more features and an upcoming diesel engine might score some sales.