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Guava Juice
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➔INTRO SONG: Leyawn - Lily Pads


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Dennis Lucana
1. Hype
2. Floss
3. Orange justice
4. Take the L
5. Fresh
benson is hyper
Fortnite is not dieing
Edgar Esparza
APEX is not taking over 🤦‍♂️
Jeremy Anderson
Moshmello helmt
Foxychu Asahi gaming and vlogs
No fortnite is the best
Apex is the worst
I just kissed my dog
Do you LIKE my rhyme
6:53 when I get my new phone
Yandel Ramirez
Drift mask
Royce Easter
My favorite is the marshmallow helmet
Berlyn Walikainen
Hype,floss,orange justice,take the L,fresh
Ian Guzman
This is the dumbest video ever
Michele Hamilton
Angelica Yang
emarld minecrat
hype, floss, orange justice, take the L, don't know
Bryan Jesmain
Take the l
Bryan Jesmain
Orange justice
Bryan Jesmain
Bryan Jesmain
Justine Besabe
I want the marshmello helmet
lord moly
Hype floss orange justice and fresh
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