'It was Zion or nothing!' - Stephen A. storms MICHAEL RAPAPORT: Will missing 2 months ago   06:55

Stephen A. Smith explains his rollercoaster ride of emotions the moment he witnessed the New York Knicks receiving the No. 3 overall pick in the 2019 NBA draft, and presumably losing their chance to select Zion Williamson.
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Comments 5256 Comments

Cousin Ryan
zion smelling the chick from last night in the thumbnail 🤢
Is SAS truly a Knicks fan? Because when he says, "Even if they didn't goto the Knicks and went to L.A. we good!...we good!" His face lights up like a christmas tree! L.A. or N.Y...everybody place go to hell lmao
Steel City Red
Hibachi Vallejo
Wait till Kyrie and kD go to the nets...... Oh....
donald deluxe
knicks fans: we tanked well and we have a great shot at getting zion and the first overall pick!

*the knicks have won third overall in the lottery*

knicks fans: at least we got free agency! we can get KD AND irving still available!

*they get neither in free agency and got rudy gay, Darren collison, and RJ barrett instead*

Quinnton Jones
I don't beliving ad he's injured be prone
James Campbell
ESPN would be nothing without Stephen A
Rob 0582
Stephen A DEFINITELY deserves an Oscar. 🏆
Wicked Mcjagger
I just click beacause of the thumbnail
Jake Saunders
The Knicks really are an accident waiting to happen
SAS speaks the way i imagine speaking to my wife
Nobody cares about the stupid knicks
The Dragonsnort Channel
"DAMMIT, WE DIDN'T HAVE HAROLD MINER!" I still laugh at that quote. (Pardon me if I got the player's name wrong. Let me know down below the correct spelling)
James Stevens
It's a damn shame the Knicks are in the shape they are no one wants to play there, if I was RJ Barrett I would play a couple years and get the hell out of there. The owner and front office has ruined that place. I'm shocked that the fans are not burning there Knicks stuff after this disaster of a free agents signing.
Hoops I Did It Again
What a fucking child. Goddamn man baby
“You have free agency”

SAS face Starting at 5:33 😂😂😂
KHalil nXP
Knicks fans stand up and say it we are still suffering, after the season ended. Also as a bonus before the next season starts we still gonna be suffering. RJ Barrett better show up next season and take over NY while we in this state of crisis.
Patrick Chen
Knicks: *exist*
Draft lottery: I'm about to end this man's career
Jacob Davis
Who else came here after the Knicks lost out on both KD and Kyrie?
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MICHAEL RAPAPORT: Will missing 'It was Zion or nothing!' - Stephen A. storms 2 months ago   11:16

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