Singapore Tonight: Business news Lim Tean's New Party will Return 1 day ago   01:21

Business Briefs on Singapore Tonight, Aug 14:

- German economy contracts in Q2 amid global trade war
- US Federal Aviation Administration bans selected MacBook Pros over fire risk
- Chinese student sues Disney over 'double standards'

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Lim Tean's New Party will Return Singapore Tonight: Business news 1 day ago   07:39

In this 7 minute video Lim Tean reveals his new party called Peoples Voice of which he is Party Leader.
He announces a few of the party's most important promises:
Return CPF at age 55
Do not increase GST by 2%
Make basic goods zero GST - baby milk, diapers, rice, books etc
Slash Prime Ministers pay by 70%
Introduce a Living Wage
Bring in a Direct Democracy which involves Referendums
Look into the true accounts of Temasek and GIC's.
Address the HDB ownership/tenant situation
Call for a Referendum to overturn the Elected Presidency and cast fresh votes for a new one.
Break-up the monopolies that do not serve Singaporeans (Real Estate, Telco's, Banks, Supermarkets etc)
Protect Singaporeans and New Citizens jobs
Scrap the PAP's march towards a 10 million population
Examine recent water, electric and transport hikes and dial back and reduce where necessary.