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International efforts to save the 2015 agreement that sought to limit Iran's nuclear ambitions are intensifying. The deal has been under threat since President Trump pulled the US out of it. After talks with German foreign minister Heiko Maas, Iran has now vowed to work with the European Union to preserve the agreement. But Maas, who stated that Germany is working to prevent the deal's complete failure, left Tehran talking about difficulties on all sides.

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John Redman
Europe is gone...thanks to Merkel....this is no surprise to me.
Peace to Iran from Ireland. Lift the sanctions its the right thing to do!!!
007 007
Obamas Iran deal was nothing different than Chamberlains "peace for our time" declaration
solomon king
Germany is the enemy of Israel
solomon king
USA should put sanction on Germany
Lorry Camill
And Germany wants Iran to have nukes because Germany can have it quick when they need it because Germany cannot have just like Japan that was the agreement in second war
Lorry Camill
And that’s why England pulled out because Germany was pressing her luck against Russia again ,Germany never learns from the past history
Go Germany!!
Winston Paria
Don't give USA no chance
TK Baha
Kim Jakab: that's why N.Korea rocket man has to make nukies no matter what.
Charles Boquet
The people of Germany want all parties involved hung. Who cares what the Media projects. Reality is inescapable.
Sean Yee
Keep US out of any disputes, then there will be no war.
Mahmood Mirhashemi
politically, europe is in an inferior position. Whst they offer is a joke now
Vindya Fernando
We do not need nucleare weapons any more for What. You May bomb allah. My native country is Sri Lanka we suffered a lot because of radical islamists. You must swallow your nucleare weapons and die in the mighty name of Jesus the son of God I commanded amen we Will not die it is you Who deal with nucleare weapons it is you radical islamists and you Who deal with radical islamists must die
mr Daniel
I love iran because iran wants peace in the world but usa dont want peace because if the world has peace the usa cant buy guns
He should go Washington
to prevent that the Saudis become the Nukes
Mac Panah
Germany sends its foreign minister to Iran and brings the message: We can't do anything because we are afraid of our masters but you should still stay in the deal.
Lao tze
Who cares if the whole world wants this agreement, Israel is the only opinion that really matters and they do not want it!
solomon king
Germany should be out of. NATO
So sehe ich euch (Kanalinfo)
They really think changing from one crime to another will help this planet being saved from war, terror, cruelty and torture to animals and humanbeings.
Psychiatrism as it is satanism always wins by torture of animals and humanbeings and will always be the worst of science for all of future and all times coming and justice will never be, but that of murderers organising torture and cruelty onto animals and humanbeings, with the worst of scientists profitting from warindustry and islamism winning over earth forever.
This planet is already protected by criminels, robberers, terrorists, thiefs and murderers as insane as are psychiatrists, as insane as are torturers of animals and humanbeings are psychiatrists.
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