Grandkids On Demand & China AI Workers: Inside China's High-Tech Dystopia 1 day ago   22:46

This is the May 30, 2019, FULL FREE EPISODE of VICE News Tonight on HBO.

1:48 Israel has entered the largest political crisis the country has seen in years.

5:35 - In the booming field of artificial intelligence, cheap labor to process data may be the only edge China has over the U.S.

12:18 Lawmakers use "troll bills" to make a point about everything from gun rights to abortion. But, do they actually accomplish anything?

16:36 Papa is a new app that promises "grandkids-on-demand," primarily to senior citizens who need help hanging a shelf, learning the email, or most often, just seeking companionship in a world where the extended family is too over-extended to hang with grandma.

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Miguel O. Ortiz
American Legislature is torturous!!!!URGH!!!
G-Kids on Demand is frecking awesome!!! Humans have evolved beyond the need for a connected family. Some people are wired to be "that" person. Amazing idea...the world needs more of this.
Paul Ahrenholtz
I already know my grandparents will be using 'Papa' because they've historically spent money on any crap thats not helping me, lol.
Natasha Tercera
The commodification of all human interaction is one of the worst things that's happened under neoliberal capitalism. I am so sad for this world.
Erick Cisneros
The last story, taking care of the family “parents,”is something I think about all of the time.
Great idea!
Mr Gunslinger
Why is Vice trashing Tru*p in most of their videos? And if I write his name my comment gets deleted?
The world and all its affairs are nonsense.
China is cancer confirmed
Grandkids in high demand. Fine, I hope I only have sons because I can teach them about being a conservative and a member of the greatest militia in the world, US gun owners. I am going to teach them how to use a tommy gun, an M1919A4, the MA DEUCE, a street legal tank and all sorts of stuff I love to be doing right now.
caleb ball
That cup is not microwave safe
Luis Sanchez
Sad grandkids on demand
I get the feeling the "center" in Israel, is right next door to Adolf. /sarcasm
kali koka
China evil . Qanon.
Cynthia Adams
it sad when people dont get what they want then they are ready to do away with their leaders!
It pains me to say this, but China will soon be the only world superpower.....They have prepared for the future and the US has not. All the money spent on our military will have done us no good, if in 100 years we are broke and not able to keep up with China. It will eventually get to the point to where we don't have the money to spend on upkeep of our nuclear weapons or our military. We are slowly turning into the Soviet Union. Not in a communist sense but in the sense that our days are numbered if we don't pull our heads out of our asses. Think about it.....what REALLY brought about the fall of the USSR? Spending too much money on the military. Fighting wars abroad that cost a fortune. Crumbling infrastructure. Political corruption. Having no allies (powerful allies). We may still have allies, but we alienate them on a daily basis. Anyone who has studied the fall of the USSR can see that we have been following in their footsteps beginning in the 1970's. Our descent has been SO MUCH slower because of our economy....However, we are slowly losing our grip on that as well.
Nate Watson
I'm glad the Papa app exists. Our ability to provide elder care is not growing in proportion to demand. Even if we ignored the elderly unworthy of care, such as reagan supporters and catholic priests, we still will be short. It would be ideal if families could take care of their own elderly, but we're scattered due to employment issues. Expecting children and grandchildren to take care of aging family members is no longer viable. People can no longer afford to feed and house themselves, let alone children and a parent. Our planet being basically doomed hasn't helped fertility, as responsible empathetic people don't try to condemn others to the same misery. In some ways, it's worse than China's 421 problem. We have a 41none problem, because childcare and cost-of-living adjustments are only available for the elite.
Shermo LBC
I agree with the stripper 1
Sad that kids are not taking care of their parents and this would never happen in the old times, I guess it's reality people are becoming more and more heartless
Abdullah Abd
19:09 it is not priceless, the price is $11 an hour.
It's really sad what the human race has settled for and this seems like a way to compensate for ones guilt.
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Inside China's High-Tech Dystopia Grandkids On Demand & China AI Workers: 1 day ago   10:10

In part three of Hello World Shenzhen, Bloomberg Businessweek’s Ashlee Vance heads out into a city where you can't use cash or credit cards, only your smartphone, where AI facial-recognition software instantly spots and tickets jaywalkers, and where at least one factory barely needs people. This is the society that China's government and leading tech companies are racing to make a reality, with little time to question which advancements are net positives for the rest of us.

Part One - Inside China's Future Factory

Part Two - China's High Stakes Robot Wars


Creator & Host
Ashlee Vance

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Diana Suryakusuma

Ashlee Vance
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