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Recumbent Urban Tricycle Bee | Team Dual Trike, Is A Side - At Up-Tube.com

recumbent urban tricycle BEE Team dual trike, is a side 1 year ago   04:49

Egg Tricycle
Info http://www.trytrike.weebly.com/

Universal urban tricycle - commuter, cargo, sport and fun in one - Speed of 25 km/h in easy with EASY RIDERS comfort - with child, picnic basket and a tent, protected from rain, with wind in the hair or without all year long. Improve your health, save money, protect environment!
More info on /www.trytrike.weebly.com/

Comments 99 Comments

Robert Palmer
Excellent presentation. I believe I will steal some of your ideas for my bike
Afuk Com
Nat20 Damage
Beautiful design
Самир Алиев
Varaprasad Kona
Jean-François UNG
Super smart storages, but not enough big solar panel. urban.
Disk Gas Itajai SC
O melhor seria fazer um teste de quantos kilometros faria com uma carga completa e com teto solar
Supper boring vedio.
Ramon Lara Alcantara
Solo volar le falto
Paulo Roberto
If only it was a quad bike capacity of passengers
terence switzer
guess not for the poor
Check facts from genuine source
Anybody name the music please
nico jovellanos
hahaha!!!! your funny but your invention is genius.....love it
Mohd Arshad Mohd Arshad
Were we have to purchase
Shyam Bar
Price kitna
silva junior
Very good indeed this quad, I'm absolutely sure that if I had one of these would help me a lot to exercise and help me get around because I find myself with depression fibromyalgia and hernias of disc, and from what I saw in the video would bring me exclusive results. , shame that I find myself unemployed and without any kind of income to earn a little money, but I propose to do tests and spread the brand of this product here in my country, of course I had to have one of these, for sure. People would be very interested in this vehicle so well built and increasingly useful in urban centers for mobility, without noise without pollution, simply PERFECT.
Erik Hamburg
Tolle Räder, sehen alle top aus! An die Politik: Das jetzt bitte alles staatlich subventionieren und den ganzen verdammten privaten PKW Verkehr VERBIETEN oder UNBEZAHLBAR machen. So wie es momentan für Ottonormal bei diesen Rädern ist. Ich zahle mein 500€ Standard Fahrrad immer noch ab, weil das Geld nicht reicht. Wie soll man denn 7000€ zusammenkriegen. Wer mal eben ans Meer fahren will, soll gefälligst in die Pedale treten. Drecksautos! Lebensgefährliche Entartungen der widernatürlichsten Art! Mit solchen Rädern hat der Mensch alles was er braucht. Niemand braucht sozialdarwinistisch nihilistische Vehikel Marke Mercedes, BMW, Audi, Porsche Jaguar etc. Es ist die pure Bosheit in den sogenannten "Sportwagen" und jeder der damit fährt outet sich eigentlich nur als narzisstisch suprematistsisch veranlagter Menschenfeind.
Cornelius Sianturi
three wheel but doesn't go left and right like motorcycle
alright I Know it's using front suspension
but hey it's not to bad :D
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Team dual trike, is a side recumbent urban tricycle BEE 1 year ago   03:46

On the Team Dual Trike, the possibilities are endless and the feedback we receive is amazing. While this unique cycle was originally designed for the Adult Recreation and Resort Rental market, the special needs market has really picked up on this two rider cycle.